“Eating Secrets” by Megan Harris and Karyn de Mol

Eating Secrets

Megan Harris, Karyn de Mol
Mind Potential Publishing (2021)
ISBN 9781922380180
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (01/2022)

Written from the perspective of two experienced binge eaters, Karyn and Megan use their own experiences through shared excerpts to help readers understand and identify underlying causes. Tapping into activities and real-world examples, they use active reader participation to help bring insight to others either suffering from binge eating or with a loved one that suffers from bingeing.

“Eating Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Take Control and Overcome Bingeing and Self Sabotage” offers a slow build to help readers understand bingeing. Authors Megan Harris and Karyn de Mol build reader confidence as they seek to break the diet and bingeing roller coaster ultimately guiding readers to obtaining a positive self-view and everlasting solution.

Broken into ten chapters with activities, client and personal stories, this book is a quick and easy read to understand a binger’s feelings and achieve a permanent solution to break bingeing habits. After overcoming their own secret bingeing habits, the authors of “Eating Secrets” became coaches to help others understand the cycle and how to break free of the bingeing hamster wheel. First breaking down their own childhoods and eating triggers, they then implore readers to do the same with activities meant to contribute to the habitual breakdown of lifelong bingeing.

Karyn and Megan’s personal vulnerability is plainly on display, offering readers a safe space to deeply dive into their own secrets, habits, triggers, and food insecurities. Taking a deeper look at an all too often overlooked condition, they recognize the problem with diet culture as it “rarely provides any skills or emotional support that would help a dieter develop a sustainable relationship with food” and thus the need for “Eating Secrets” is defined, because as they say, “we all know what we ‘should’ do to lose weight” (p. 1).

Whether you’re just starting to recognize a bingeing habit, know someone who is going through it, or have been trying to grapple with bingeing for years, the expertise, knowledge and guidance Karyn and Megan offer within “Eating Secrets” are a great next step. With a plethora of qualification between the two of them, they’ve compiled a great resource to benefit a wider audience through their penning of “Eating Secrets.”

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