“Animal Attraction” by Kathryn Halberg

Animal Attraction (The Eller Series)

Kathryn Halberg
GenZ Publishing (2021)
ISBN 9781952919367
Reviewed by Kathy Stickles for Reader Views (01/2022)

While I enjoy contemporary romance novels if they have good characters and a strong storyline, it is unfortunate that many of them do not have these aspects. Thankfully, this author made sure to include these two basic—yet necessary—attributes to her book. In addition, it had two things that won me over immediately: first, the author spells her first name the same way I do, which is not common and I liked it (that’s just a personal observation, everyone); second, Olive and Martini, the main characters’ two rescue dogs, sucked me in right away. Yes, folks, I am a dog lover and if two “characters” in the book are going to be canines, then you’ve got me at “hello,” so to speak.

This is actually a very well-written main character. Rachel Eller is a strong and successful woman and shows that in the way she handles her business life. She has given up on men because that is a part of her life that never seems to go right, as most men are more interested in getting past her to her father rather than being truly interested in spending time with her. Now, along come two choices for Rachel—Gabe, the ex-playboy who’s finally trying to switch to something serious, and Rick, the veterinarian who has been hurt in the past and does not want to be hurt again, making him incredibly gun-shy.

This romance really does have a lot going for it. It is paced well. The characters are interesting and make for a great triangle as they all have flaws and are not coming across as picture perfect. That makes the story seem more like real-life as opposed to some romance novels where everyone is rich, perfect, and have no worries whatsoever. The supporting cast is also very well-written; the females come across as being supportive of each other and truly caring instead of making that impression while quietly stabbing each other in the back. In many novels, this is the case, so these relationships between the characters seem truly genuine and a nice change from the normal. And, as I mentioned before, two adorable dogs steal the show and add the cuteness and fun factor that is needed to balance the serious side of things.

For a first novel I thought this was a great read and the perfect way to spend a quiet day because, once you start, you will want to finish without putting the book down. The journey that Rachel finds herself on in the story is an interesting one and I think everyone will want to follow along with it and see how it ends. I am looking forward to the next novel in the “promised” series and the next journey for another one of these memorable characters.

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