“Gatekeepers of Eden” by Lanie Mores

Gatekeepers of Eden

Lanie Mores
Tellwell Talent (2021)
ISBN 9780228860471
Reviewed by Kathy Stickles for Reader Views (01/2022)

One thing that’s difficult for me, as both a reader and a reviewer, is to get a book that is fourth in a series, not having ever heard of the author or having read the first three books. One thing that’s very exciting for me, however, is when I can read that book and be able to understand what is going on and end up absolutely loving the story. Not to mention, being quite surprised by it because I find it to be completely different from what I originally expected. That is exactly what happened when I read “Gatekeepers of Eden.” I was completely surprised and thrilled by the story, and read it from cover-to-cover in one sitting.

In what is the fourth, and final, book of the series written by Ms. Mores, we find a United States government that has been taken over by a newly formed Army who wants to terrorize and transform America—followed by the rest of the world—into their idea of what is important and what should be believed. In order to move this plan along quicker, a group of ex-cons, each with a certain skill, are gathered together and sent to a remote island in order to find an ancient wonder that has the ability to make the new regime’s plans come together perfectly. There is one person, however, connected to this group that can make or break the terrorists’ final plans. (Of course, there is always a catch!) In this case, the teenager who holds the key as to whether it is good or evil that wins in the end…is already dead. This is a story filled with twists, turns and surprises right up to the fabulous end.

Ms. Mores has presented readers with a very well-written, exciting, and at times, emotionally filled tale that I highly praise and encourage everyone out there who likes a delightful story to read. The author was able to give enough background, without overdoing it or retelling complete stories, for me to understand the characters, their previous battles, and how they all connected. This allowed me to dive right into the current story and read through to the end without being completely confused about what was going on because I have not had the privilege yet to read the previous novels.

This is a thrilling read that I can’t say enough good things about! Whether you have read the preceding stories or not, doesn’t matter, because all readers out there will love this one. For myself, I will now be going back to read the first three stories because, if the writing in those is as good as the writing in this, they are also going to be home runs for me.

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