“Health, Healing, and Wholeness: Devotions of Hope in the Midst of Illness” by Tracy Crump

Health, Healing, and Wholeness: Devotions of Hope in the Midst of Illness

Tracy Crump
Crosslink Publishing (2021)
ISBN 9781633573284
Reviewed by Chelsy Scherba for Reader Views (12/2021)

“Health, Healing, and Wholeness” will inspire you to persevere though the toughest of circumstances. As an intensive care nurse, author Tracy Crump has seen her fair share of tragedies and miracles. In this brief devotional book, Tracy recounts real life stories of faith, healing, and love she witnessed in both her patients’ lives and her own personal life. Whether you are a loved one, caregiver, or the patient, this book can help you see beyond the physical and uncover divine spiritual truths.

If I’d had this book a year ago, I surely would have found its messages of hope, peace, and resiliency even more edifying and comforting than I do today. When you are in the eye of the storm, it’s very hard to see a way out of the fear and uncertainty that engulfs you. It can feel like a blessing just to get to the next minute, let alone the next day. During these times, it becomes even more important to seek God through the words of other believers who have gone through the darkness before you and can explain how they came out on the other side.

Each devotional in this short book begins with a harrowing medical story, and moves on to show the impossible becoming possible through the faith of those afflicted. This book has stories of those who overcame accidents, people who were stricken with deadly diseases, mysterious illnesses with no known cause, children and the elderly who all made an impact on the author in some way. Tracy tells their stories with an authenticity that doesn’t promise miracles, but shares them when they occur. Each story ends with a personal prayer and a relevant scripture to help encourage you to attribute the lesson to your own circumstances. No more than a page and a half each, these stories are easily consumed in the midst of the more pressing matters going on in your daily life.

For caregivers, there are stories from Tracy on the importance of self-care. In caring for her elderly parents and seeing to all their needs, Tracy found herself facing her own health crisis. As difficult as it is to focus on yourself when taking care of others, it’s more important than ever to do so, and Tracy reminds us of this fact. I also liked the stories she shared of people who had to live with debilitating impediments, but who also still showed divine faith and love for the Lord. The last story about a young boy and his therapy horse was one of the most profound I’ve ever read. Yet, Tracy offers her readers an exceptional variety of circumstances that will help encourage you through whatever battle you happen to be facing.

This book would be the perfect gift for anyone going through difficulties, or anyone in need of spiritual renewal. It would be an ideal selection for people who enjoy daily devotionals, being that the stories are short and meant to instill a quick seed of encouragement. I especially recommend this book to someone facing an illness, and to their loved ones who suffer as well. These stories and the accompanying scriptures would make a good companion to your Bible study, and enliven your prayer life.

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