“House of Bastiion (The Haidren Legacy, Book 1)” by K.L. Kolarich

House of Bastiion (The Haidren Legacy, Book 1)

K.L. Kolarich
Rogue Kite Publishing (2021)
ISBN 9781735460628
Reviewed by Haley Kilgour for Reader Views (01/2022)

“House of Bastiion” is the first book in the epic fantasy series: The Haidren Legacy, by K. L. Kolarich.

Brought into court politics, Luscia has a lot to adjust to. And the string of murders occurring isn’t making her life any easier. Nor are they making life easier for Zaethan, who vehemently hates Luscia and believes her to be a threat. As the two circle around each other like wild animals, they eventually must enter into an uneasy alliance.

Overall, I loved Zaethan as a character. He’s incredibly fleshed out, and his convictions against Luscia are so strong that as they’re slowly countered by reality, you get to watch his character grow in a unique way. Luscia is also fleshed out, but I found her to be significantly flatter. I also felt like she needed to ask more questions of her aunt, because from the way she acted, she seemed quite happy sitting in the dark.

The world was also very well-written and extremely detailed, which was nice as it was a big world with a great many things to describe. As a reader, I found certain things that could’ve used better clarification. I’m confused how there is a Haidren Bastiion as well as a Bastiion king, who are not the same person. And who or what are Unitarians? It also would’ve been helpful to explain exactly what Dmitri’s condition is and what it’s doing to him. I, too, found that any time the author tried to explain who Flourette was, the character just didn’t make sense, and no amount of re-reading these sections made it any less confusing.

While languages are important to a fantasy book, I felt the way the author used fictional languages honestly detracted more than added to the story. While there was a glossary provided, context clues as to what the words meant weren’t perfect. The number of different languages made things hard to keep track of.

Overall, if you liked “The Witcher” or “Game of Thrones,” this is likely to be a book you will enjoy.

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