“Good Morning, Blake: Growing Up Autistic and Being Okay” by Blake “Crash” Priddle

Good Morning, Blake: Growing Up Autistic and Being Okay

Blake “Crash” Priddle
Tellwell Talent (2021)
ISBN 9780228859673
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (12/2021)

“Good Morning, Blake: Growing Up Autistic and Being Okay,” tells a moving story of a young man’s experience living with autism. The author, Blake Priddle, takes readers on a journey through his life, recounting how he has been impacted in all areas over the years by autism. Having a close, supportive family has assisted him with overcoming many of the challenges he has faced, especially since they encouraged him to embrace difficult, complicated, and new experiences. Despite being surrounded by many caring people, a network that extended outside of his family members, Blake still had to learn how to deal with school bullies and others who did not understand his needs. Readers see how perseverance helped him to accomplish his dream of completing his education and pursuing a career in communication, and will find Blake’s story not only encouraging but also one that is educational and inspiring.

In the 1990s, I began volunteering with people who were classified as having “developmental disabilities.” Continuing on this career path, I completed a master’s degree that would enable me to move forward in this area. My biggest educators were my consumers, students and their parents. They provided me with an education about their lives that I didn’t think could be found in any book. However, reading “Good Morning, Blake” has helped further my knowledge and given me an even greater insight into how I can best serve my students who have autism.

I enjoyed the manner in which Blake writes. He is engaging and he immediately captured my interest. I also like the fact that he has others recount shared experiences, told from their perspectives. Blake manages to educate us without making it feel like we are reading a textbook. He also captured my interest with his descriptions about life up north. (It is very different from where I am living down in the hot desert!) His ability to be able to travel across the north and enjoy life in frigid temperatures only added to my engrossment with his story.

I am hopeful that “Good Morning, Blake: Growing Up Autistic and Being Okay,” will be introduced into schools one day so that all students will gain a better understanding of what life might be like for a neurodivergent person. And I am positive that those who are living with autism will be inspired to go after their own dreams after reading about Blake’s success. Families, friends, and those who work with people who are on the Autism spectrum will really enjoy reading this, and will most definitely learn from it!

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