“Lines Through A Prism” by Bob Siqveland

Lines Through A Prism

Bob Siqveland
Outskirts Press (2021)
ISBN 9781977246677
Reviewed by Kathy Stickles for Reader Views (12/2021)

When I set out to throw myself into a new book, there are certain things I simply do not want to read about—sex trafficking is one of those things. These types of stories, whether fiction or nonfiction, do not set well with me, and the topic is an immediate turn-off. It was with this feeling that I read the synopsis of Mr. Siqveland’s new novel and groaned, because I did not care and did not want to hear the story. This is why I am so very surprised that I can now say, with complete honesty, this is one of the best stories I have read in a very, very long time.

What this author has presented is not an in-depth account of sex trafficking, but a fabulous story about an ex-assassin for the government who, at 74-years-old, has decided to change his life and get out in the world and live before his time is gone. And how does he do this? Simple. He stands in his house, closes his eyes, and points at a map of the United States. When his eyes open, we are headed for Jekyll Island, Georgia for a new life of fun and adventure. Of course, nothing is actually simple and this move for our main character, Woody, turns into a different sort of adventure entirely as he is swept back into a world of intrigue, disgust, and fear when he becomes embroiled in the mystery of a sex trafficking ring.

Woody is the perfect character…he studies hard, likes puzzles and problems he can try to solve, and he loves to debate with others to get to the bottom of something. This story is a complex one with many characters in it, but the best by far—besides Woody, himself—is his new friend Curtis who he meets on Jekyll Island and who, it turns out, is another ex-agent just looking for a calm and peaceful new life.

I certainly don’t want to give the complete plot away but this is an exceptional story with an incredible cast of characters, from Woody to his new friends and members of his family, as well as a couple of old colleagues from years past that step in to help. The characters are so wonderfully written and their backstories are so detailed, the author makes the reader really understand each and every person presented, and care about where they have been and what they want to accomplish. In addition, the plot is very well-written and continues to draw you in page after page. It’s a story you don’t want to put down until you are finished. You hope that Woody and friends are able to catch the bad guys and save a lot of lives, but to find out if that is what the author has done, you must read this book!

From a lot of thrills to an abundance of relationships, there is fun and enjoyment for all who read it. And the end is even better than the original mystery. This is one reviewer who is so excited to have read this story, that in the beginning I truly thought I would hate, I now cannot wait to go back and find some of the previous novels written by Mr. Siqveland to see how many more times he can surprise me. This is most definitely a 5-star novel!

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