“True Teryn” by S.G. Blaise

True Teryn (The Last Lumenian, Book 2)

S.G. Blaise
Lilac Grove Entertainment, LLC (2021)
ISBN 9781734760545
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (01/2022)

“True Teryn” is a sci-fi/fantasy novel by S.G. Blaise. Although it is the second book in the series, it is also a fantastic standalone story that quickly captures the reader’s attention from the very first page.

The book follows Lilla, the new Sybil of the Seven Galaxies, who the Archgoddess of the Eternal asks to acquire the Teryn Army in her name. This army will assist in destroying the Archgoddess of Chaos and Destruction. With her loyal friends by her side—Glenna, Arrov, Isa, Bella, Belthair, and Ragnald the Mage—Lilla sets off to fulfill the goddess’ wish.

However, young Lilla has to convince the Teryn Emperor, who despises her, to give up his army in order for her to be successful in her quest. Cadryn, the emperor, sends her to the Guardian Goddess Laoise who makes a deal with her: if Lilla finds the Heart Amulet, she will have Laoise’s blessing. But…will Lilla succeed? Will she learn how to use her Lume magic quickly enough to destroy her enemies before they attack her?

S.G. Blaise is a deft storyteller. The sentences are neatly structured and well-detailed, drawing the reader into the setting of the story. She blends science fiction and romance with fantasy by inserting magic and magical effects with ease, making “True Teryn” a rich narrative. I particularly loved her creativity when it came to choosing names for locations, such as Mountain of Pain, Lake of Tears, and Women’s Cave—which provide clues to the next drama in this series.

Lilla, the lead protagonist, is a brave female with a fierce and honorable spirit; she’s a steadfast hero with a profound sense of love and concern for her friends. I particularly enjoyed how Blaise carefully inserted information about these numerous characters, preventing us from being overwhelmed while trying to recall their specific roles in the plot.

This literary work is a spellbinder that excels at injecting high drama into the plot, making the reading experience a guilty pleasure. Furthermore, the book has a refined ending that displays a battle of “epic” proportions. For these reasons, I give it 5-stars!

“True Teryn” will resonate well with sci-fi enthusiasts who love well-developed stories that defy quick and easy solutions.

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