“Under an Azure Sky” by Wil Chan

Under an Azure Sky (Elysia Dayne, Book 1)

Wil Chan
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN 9798776647048
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (12/2021)

“Under an Azure Sky” is the opening act of a new fantasy series set in an immersive world you won’t soon forget!

The lead, Elysia, is a dragon slayer with a new mission. A complex hero with a strong personality and independent mindset, she once had a dragon for a friend…but the beast turned out to be a destroyer of all that she loved. Elysia swore to seek vengeance on the creature, which is how she became a dragon slayer, but ended up on a mission to save Princess Isabella. This may turn out to be Elysia’s second chance at love, or is it? The two females are complete opposites in many ways. They are low on supplies, not to mention understanding and patience, but together they must face challenges in the wild. All of these forces combined will either make or break them.

Wil Chan has crafted an emotionally and intellectually satisfying fantasy novel that draws you in with rich characters, a compelling plot, and a writing style that’s enjoyable without being cumbersome. My favorite part is watching the friendship develop between Elysia and Isabella—a relationship that feels original and realistic—starting out with a number of differences and then growing from there. Both characters are likeable in their own ways; Elysia has experienced trauma in her past, while Isabella is a princess in trouble.

The backstory makes this tale even more compelling, and the settings are fully realized and intensely creative. Battles aren’t necessarily my favorite scenes, but these are so well-written that you feel like you’re a part of them. This book is a great introduction to what I hope becomes a solid series. The first-person POV adds a distinctive touch to the narrative, and the flashbacks fill in any gaps that readers may be curious about. The dialog feels fresh and spontaneous, and the pacing makes the story go by quickly.

As you read, you will see that this is one tale that would make a spectacular video game or fantasy film. If you’re looking for an entertaining book based on friendship and growth, “Under an Azure Sky” is that adventurous “must-read!”

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