“Ah, Brain, Why Do You Trouble Me So Much?” by Todd Nyholm

Ah, Brain, Why Do You Trouble Me So Much?

Todd Nyholm
Tuvevun Publishing (2021)
ISBN 9781734373486
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (01/2022)

“Ah, Brain, Why Do You Trouble Me So Much?” is a profound and insightful treatise that focuses on the inner body, including mind, heart, and emotions. It further offers philosophical and practical ways to create fundamental inner change in how one views the world and themselves. As the author asserts, the only aspect of life that goes with you everywhere is the real inner you; hence the need to give it attention. Using the Nytality Method, Nyholm provides the “Healthy Life Ladder” offering the 26 principles needed to cultivate and maintain a healthy mind, body, and soul.

The text expands by providing empowered guidance to improve the inner body, arguing that if this is not given priority, it may alter one’s perception, potentiality, choices, growth, and authenticity. The author draws from his own story of how he lived with an abusive parent and how he worked through that debilitating trauma. The book’s methodological approach offers a road map to a more fulfilled life. Even better, the prose is easy to follow and navigate.

As an experienced somatic therapist, Nyholm uses his knowledge to craft an elaborate compilation of information. The book is further illustrated with charts of data that are easily accessible; readers will have no problem following his guidance. The text moves beyond the theoretical by engaging the reader in self-reflective questions which enhance personalization.

This book has a tranquil pace, building up the inflection of its instruction. Nyholm’s approach is inviting without being dictatorial, which is an aspect I truly loved about the book. Its universal but also personalized guidance is one of the text’s main strengths as readers are guided on how to make conscious changes in their lives. For these reasons, I give the book “5-Stars.”

“Ah, Brain, Why Do You Trouble Me So Much?” is certainly a winner. For anyone who is seeking to nourish their life, this book’s organic embroidery will be an excellent starting point.

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