Meet the Author – E.K. Prescott – Author of “Sins of Man”

The Award-Winning, 5 Star author, E.K. Prescott, Ph.D., whose books have been compared to Dan Brown’s Angel and Demons, has been an educator for over 40 years and has taught at the college level for 20 of those years. She spent many years as a high school English teacher, middle school principal, and national educational consultant, and college professor. Dr. Prescott earned her bachelor’s degree at the University of Missouri and her master’s degree at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, WI. She earned her doctorate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she was awarded a three-year, full-time Fellowship. She is now happily retired living in sunny Florida with her husband. She is living her dream: a full-time author.

Hi EK, welcome to Reader Views! Tell us about your latest novel, Sins of Man.

The Sins of Man is the second book in my, The Ivy League Chronicles. In 1924, after his last taste of solving a murder, Richard Wikki wants to get back in the field. Fortunately (or unfortunately), there’s been another suspicious death, and this time, it’s one of Scott Judson’s Wolf’s Head secret society brothers at Yale University. When four more of Scott’s friends turn up dead at the same party, leaving only one survivor, Richard knows it’s no coincidence. Meanwhile, Maize has sweet-talked her way into a secret ghostwriting job on Yale’s all-male newspaper. Unbeknownst to her, her charming new nemesis is the nephew and successor to the notorious crime lord of New Haven’s Irish Mob, Seth Mulhaney. There’s something suspicious going on; Richard and Maize will leave no stone unturned until they uncover the truth. 

What inspired the storyline for this book?

There are two main threads historical and the fictional story to tell the history. The historical events move forward and the story interconnects to tell the truth. This includes showcasing prohibition and its many issues.

What piqued your interest in the Roaring Twenties Era?

I really don’t know…I have always LOVED that time period. If I believed in reincarnation, I probably was a FLAPPER. I can feel it in my bones.

Tell us about your protagonists and what drives them.

Richard Wikki – An ex-Scotland Yard Detective (who early in his young adulthood denounced his title of Lord of Foxworthy; he didn’t like the pomp and circumstance), left London after a tragic event in his life for New Haven, CT USA. His mentor and friend at Cambridge University acquired him a visiting professorship at Yale University in the criminology department, in hopes to give him space and time to heal; as well as work at what he loves – solving crimes. Well dressed, well-mannered, and private, Richard is quite the loner. Now he is teaching investigation techniques instead of actively investigating. Oh, how he still misses the thrill of the chase. Who really are you Lord, Detective Professor Richard Wikki?

Maize. Now Maize is Professor Richard’s research assistant at Yale University. They have become an unlikely duo solving crime. He uses her more for investigative purposes than academic issues.

Are your characters fictional or are they based on real people in history?

My characters are fictional to tell the real history of the time period.

Which character was your favorite to write/develop?

Everyone seems to LOVE Maize…..she is a lot of fun, especially when you contrast her interactions with Wikki. She’s me.

Tell us about the research entailed in writing Sins of Man.

Like every book in The Ivy League Chronicles, I spend at least 3 weeks researching before I even begin writing, then research as the story unfolds. Your research helps develop the story line.

What are the ethics of writing historical fiction?

It’s very important to cite your resources as proof of what you are saying is accurate. As we all know, sometimes sources can have apposing views, the point is to stay consistent.

Are there certain areas where you took more creative liberties than others?

Hmm…, that is a good one. The only creative liberty was the fictional story to tell history of that time.

Can readers pick up Sins of Man as a stand-alone novel with a solvable case or does the plot flow through the entire series?

Yes. The mystery is solved in every story. The main characters continue throughout series.  A new character is added for each story to come alive, just for that story. They do not move on… usually. But the character Tommy in Sins of Man has become quite popular; he will resurface in book 4.

Give us a one-line teaser that will make readers want to go out and pick up your book today!

What do the Irish Mob, Prohibition and the Whitehouse have in common?



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