“The Inner CEO: Unleashing Leaders at All Levels” by Jeremy Blain

The Inner CEO: Unleashing Leaders at All Levels

Jeremy Blain
Panoma Press (2021)
ISBN 9781784529338
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (12/2021)

“The Inner CEO” is a powerful, actionable guide for leaders on various levels of the company ladder, showing them how to contact their inner CEO and shine with strength and possibility. Whether talking about managers, mid-level positions, or beginning entrepreneurship, including employees, this author will show you how to bring out the best in yourself and those you work with in your business or organization. Inspiring others to dig deep in order to give more than just “basic service” should be the key focus of every leader, and knowing how to achieve that is what this book is all about. More than a pep talk, it offers real steps to take and choices to make to bring this to fruition.

With so many businesses floundering due to COVID-19 and other economic forces, this book has arrived at a critical time. Blain’s advice is something you may have never thought of before, or you had a grasp of the ideas but needed more specific guidance on how to bring it about in the real world of business. This is a guide you can use if you’re just beginning your career or are already in the thick of things. You can refer to it whenever you need inspiration and suggestions, and use these tips on a daily basis.

There is no doubt challenges occur in all businesses and organizations, but wouldn’t it be nice to be in the heads-up position, knowing how to solve crises before they happen? With the ever-changing landscape of operations, especially in the digital world, you won’t be caught off-guard. The world is full of influencers, and if you’ve ever wondered how to become one yourself, this book goes a long way in helping you accomplish that goal. Change is possible and isn’t always as hard as you think it will be. Nor is this information coming from a top-down only approach; it’s more people-centered and inclusive. You can attain a more centered stance with the research Blain has gathered and the experience he brings to the table.

In uncertain times, we need solutions like these, not more problems or questions. The interviews are really inspiring and enlightening. So…unchain your personal CEO by reading and digesting Jeremy Blain’s terrific guide today!

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