“In/Action: Rethinking the Path to Results” by Jinny Uppal

In/Action: Rethinking the Path to Results

Jinny Uppal
New Degree Press (2021)
ISBN 9781637309025
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (01/2022)

“In/Action: Rethinking the Path to Results” is a new take on the old task of problem-solving. Whether in life or business, most people want to solve problems quickly and efficiently, assuming that the faster they deal with a situation, the better off they’ll be. But this book proves another, perhaps better way of tackling issues: pushing the pause button. This isn’t about laziness, procrastination, or uncertainty. It’s about simply taking a breather, looking before you leap, and clearing the mind a little before jumping to conclusions and outcomes that may not always be the best idea. Author Uppal shares experience and expertise, with powerful examples and anecdotes that illustrate the value of using inaction as a strategic tool. If achieving results is your primary goal, keep reading, because this author has answers for you.

Uppal has crafted a well-explained and motivational book to show you a different path to a successful outcome. Strategic inaction can work for you if you understand why and how it works, and why it’s beneficial to you as a person and as someone in a managerial or leadership role. If you’re a result-driven person, you will find a lot of value in the content of this guide, including why jumping the gun isn’t a good thing, and that waiting a while has its proven merits. It may take some time to readjust your thinking, acting and reacting, but the results can be rewarding and surprisingly advantageous.

One immediate reward is less stress. Doing less and achieving more is everyone’s dream strategy. Uppal shows you how this can happen. It’s possible to take a moment before diving into a project, without slowing production or cutting corners. At some point in your life, you may have wondered if there was a better way than just following the daily hectic grind. Well, it turns out there is—and you don’t have to lose business, money, or sleep over it.

My favorite parts of the book are the examples she gives, which are dynamic and will inspire you to apply the principles in your own life and career. In addition to the “In/Action” themes, you’ll find information on meditation and yoga. (I absolutely love “The Godfather” reference, by the way. It made a lot of sense.) For a fresh, original approach to life and leadership, immerse yourself in the pages of “In/Action: Rethinking the Path to Results” today.

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