“Those Darn Stripes” by Tyrel Nelson

Those Darn Stripes

Tyrel Nelson
Independent (2020)
ISBN 9798585555473
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (01/2022)

“Those Darn Stripes” is a collection of over twenty-five stories pertaining to the life of a young author. It is a personal view into the mind, heart and soul of a young man, under forty, experiencing the ups-and-downs of life, as well as the unfortunate curves and unfair twists of joy and sadness that fate likes to throw in everyone’s path.

Much of this had to do with his parents’ deaths. Of all life’s curves, this was something that couldn’t be “solved” automatically; it was an extremely hurtful and painful issue unlike the “normal” negatives we all experience. His father, his mentor and guide, was the one who had helped him through all the problems he’d experienced. His mother had always provided love and kindness, nurturing him as he grew. Then, to top it off, he and his girlfriend experienced a somewhat rocky and conflicted relationship. Not because either did anything necessarily wrong, but as a young lady she had to deal with figuring things out all by herself—relationships, deaths, mean friends, and all sorts of things that took a toll. A toll that most experienced and seasoned adults couldn’t take, let alone a young adult.

Nelson displays his many vulnerabilities in a way that captures his extreme emotions, during both happy and sad events. The book especially highlights the moments spent with his beloved father and the many pearls of wisdom dad shared. His fascination with how life is revealed to him is shown in pictures that focus upon things like his favorite local citizens, fond memories, and picturesque tranquil scenes. The book clearly is his view of this complex thing called “Life” dissected in a way that slows it down so it can be simply understood.

“Those Darn Stripes” is a fascinating work opening the doors on life, love, and meaning. It’s a very refreshing read, in that many young men aren’t able to describe situations quite so vividly and graphically as this author does. Every encounter, be it a pleasant one or even his father’s death has true meaning, and he demonstrates great insight into what is being revealed. The brilliant parts of this book is the non-prejudicial and non-biased way he sees, and has seen, the world. He teaches acceptance. As a senior citizen I can’t ever remember any time when I ever understood life as being “accepting.”

This is a definite “must read” for any human, no matter your age. “5-Stars” plus, easily!

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