“Real-Time Parenting: A Guide for Parents: Choose Your Action Steps for the Present Moment” by Amy Armstrong, Mary Funari and Beth Miller

Real-Time Parenting: A Guide for Parents: Choose Your Action Steps for the Present Moment

Amy Armstrong, Mary Funari and Beth Miller
Real Time Parenting, LLC (2021)
ISBN 9780578854830
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (01/2022)

Parenting kids on a daily basis can feel like it takes place in every dimension of time—past, present, and future—when all you really want is for it to be “real-time.” So, these three parenting experts presented “Real-Time Parenting.” Now, the term “experts” is usually used loosely, as a subjective term, especially when discussing the area of parenting. But reading through these pages will open your eyes as to why “experts” is the appropriate term to use for this specific book.

In the introduction, the mission statement is clear: “To help you raise awareness about who you are as a parent right now and who you aspire to be at your best.” Being a parent is difficult and demanding but also super rewarding. Unfortunately, the rewarding parts are not as prominent; they are few and far between because kids don’t come with an instruction manual, and we as parents only have our own upbringings to go off of (for better or worse), which means we mess up at times. “Real-Time Parenting” helps tailor each parent’s own personal upbringing experience(s) and does not try to offer ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions. In other words, while many of the skills presented in the book may work for a majority of parents, the way each individual parent attempts and succeeds at each skill is unique to them and their families.

Each chapter covers a topic that works on the parent and child(ren) individually to ensure the success of the family unit as a whole. “Real-Time Parenting” can be used as a personal form of therapy that works on the parent’s desires, aspirations, and goals for both themselves and their kids. Research is also interspersed throughout the chapters to back up the authors parental suggestions. The section that tops off each chapter includes personal stories of parents who sought the advice and guidance of these authors and can be used as another form of proof that the skills and suggestions are healthy and successful. The chapters are quick and can be read in any order, as each one covers a different topic that is pertinent. The information is presented in layman’s terms while being cozy and enjoyable to read, and references fill the final pages for validation and voluntary extra reading for those rainy days.

Check out “Real-Time Parenting” when you’re in a pinch and unsure of how to proceed through the crazy journey of parenting; or when you think you have everything figured out only to realize, in a short reading session, that you were living with a false sense of security. Parenting is the obligation of the parents, and this is a guide that will help you in all your endeavors!

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