“The Happy Clam” by Rosemary A. Schmidt

The Happy Clam

Rosemary A. Schmidt
Gainline Press (2020)
ISBN: 978-0-9708528-2-3
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (01/2022)

“Go Forward, Support: The Rugby of Life,” was Rosemary’s Schmidt’s first book in which she wrote about her childhood. “The Happy Clam,” follows this first work and in it she shares stories from her adulthood which include her family, work, and relationships. In addition to personal information, Rosemary has gathered a wealth of information from sources which revolve around the topic of happiness and shares how we can adapt this information to our own lives. Her sources are well cited, and she includes links to most of them in her reference section. While readers will enjoy reading the whole book from beginning to end, they will also be able to use the index to return to specific topics.

“The Happy Clam,” is the first book that I have read by this author, and I truly enjoyed the reading. I also felt that the material that she presents is so relevant for today, because we are living in a time where a pandemic has caused many people to be isolated and lonely. Her personal story is heartwarming, and despite the losses that she suffered from losing both her mother and her sister, she makes her readers feel like we knew them as she shares the special gifts that they offered those around them while they were alive. This part really made me stop and think about how I hope to be remembered. Sharing family recipes, with stories behind them, also was appreciated. Perhaps some of these recipes, such as the pizza and garlic salad ones, will be incorporated into new family traditions for many readers.

The author really provides an amazing amount of information, in a friendly, easily readable format where readers can decide which steps they want to take to apply newfound knowledge to their own lives. They can do further research by reading books that are discussed and following referenced links for more helpful information. While some of the topics highlight areas where people are dealing with deeper issues, such as depression, I came away from reading “The Happy Clam,” feeling motivated and inspired to take more steps to ease up on the things that are currently dragging me down. I will focus on spending more time on taking care of my own wellbeing. In turn, in the long run, this will enable me to feel better physically, mentally and spiritually. This is highly recommended reading and would make a thoughtful gift for someone who is seeking a way back to a happier life.

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