“Life is the Project” by Doyle Davis

Life is the Project

Doyle Davis
Outskirts Press (2021)
ISBN: 978-1-9772-2951-9
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (01/2022)

“Life is the Project” is based upon this formula: L.I.F.E = L.O.V.E + T.I.M.E + H.O.P.E. This sounds great based upon how we already define life, love, time and hope. Checking out this wonderful resource will give readers an even further in-depth look into what these acronyms stand for, and how relevant the information is to creating a better life for ourselves, which in this case, will also help create better lives for others.

The author Doyle Davis shares his personal story inside these pages. Previously involved with network marketing, he discovered it wasn’t the right path for him. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. By taking a hard look at what wasn’t working helped him to discover principles that would work for him in creating a better life. He shares his ideas and resources so that we can all work on integrating them into our own lives.

This book uses a lot of positive acronyms. Doyle provides a helpful list of them and what they stand for, in the beginning of the book. He also includes helpful examples and meaningful quotes to help illustrate his examples. Where he delves into deeper, more complicated topics, he provides useful diagrams. All of these features help the material flow and make it easier to absorb. His positive outlook added to my enjoyment while I was reading. I liked that he divided the material into two well-organized stages: The Conceptual Stage, and the Evolvement Stage. Each area is broken down even further, and I found myself being able to quickly grasp the main ideas. Doyle shares additional resources at the end, and readers will find this helpful if they choose to deepen their exploration.

While I was reading, I thought about how many other people would benefit from “Life is the Project.” It made me reflect back on when I had to take Micro and Macro Economics in college. These two courses are still required for business majors. I truly believe that students would benefit even further by following up those courses with this reading material. It would be nice if they could start applying this knowledge by creating social business practices now, rather than later.

I think it is best to read the whole book first to get an overview, and then to go back and take more time to read and journal thoughts. I would include writing down thoughts that occur to you as you read the quotes that are listed on the bottom of the pages. Each one of us is in charge of our own destiny. “Life is the Project,” provides the tools so that we can create a magnificent one!

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