“Jesus Speaking” by Mike Lutz

Jesus Speaking: Daily Encouragement from His Words

Mike Lutz
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN: 978-0-578-30805-0
Reviewed by Chelsy Scherba for Reader Views (02/2022)

“Jesus Speaking” by Mike Lutz is a daily devotional that will give you a year’s worth of wisdom and teaching based on the words of Jesus Christ. Each day gives you access to a line of scripture, several paragraphs of the author’s commentary, and an action-centered prayer to help you absorb the lesson and meditate on the main point, which is reiterated at the end of the prayer in bold. This book would make an excellent companion to your spiritual life and enable you to grow your faith, not just once a week, but every day of the year.

Mike Lutz has done an exceptional job in compiling words of wisdom and Christian teaching and condensing each topic into just a short page of learning. I was able to receive intellectual stimulation through absorbing the scriptures anew, as well as renew my faith through practicing and implementing what was taught. I was thoroughly impressed that the book never became boring nor repetitive and that he constantly had something fresh to offer that either reinforced something I knew or gave me a new way of experiencing something in a way I hadn’t before.

The topics he explores cover everything you can think of: grief, marriage, faith, service, spiritual life, prayer, worship, family, sin, repentance, death, disappointment, joy, prophecy, evangelism, church and I could go on. I don’t think there was a topic he missed because he was constantly surprising me with the range of issues he addressed. This book will help you focus on every aspect of your life, overcome challenges, and teach you how to reposition yourself to be in alignment with God. It will make you think and examine your life and help you change for the better as you allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you through these words.

“Jesus Speaking” would make an excellent gift for the Christian in your life who enjoys independent study. I found Mr. Lutz’s commentary to be a source of peace, comfort, and renewal throughout my time reading it and I achieved much value in growing closer to Jesus as I built up my faith and understanding of the scriptures.

I highly recommend this book to people who enjoy daily devotionals, especially if they want a book that will help them enrich their faith every day of the year. It is written by a brother in Christ who knows the faith very well and who has the gift of making it easier for others to understand. There is so much negativity in the world, so why not focus on something that can give you hope, encourage you to become a better version of yourself, and help you serve God the way He wants to be served? “Jesus Speaking” can do just that, and will embolden your faith and guide you through whatever issues you face, no matter what season you find yourself in.

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