“Chicken Nibbles: Cartoons About Backyard Chickens” by Alan Corbett

Chicken Nibbles: Cartoons About Backyard Chickens

Alan Corbett (author) Mark Lynch (cartoonist)
Amazon KDP (2021)
ISBN: 978-0-64509751-1
Reviewed by Amy Lignor for Reader Views (02/2022)

“Chicken Nibbles” could not have come to a better reviewer at a better time. Yes, I sit here with a foot broken in three places; meaning, this is one of those times in life where humor and smiling are not part of my daily regimen. But then… along comes a book that not only has you laughing out loud, but for a brief moment in time you forget the “boot” on your foot that feels mostly like a “cement shoe” that the Mafia must use to make sure their victims sink all the way to the bottom after tossing them off the nearest pier. (If law enforcement reads these reviews… no, I do not need to be put under surveillance. I know nothing.)

The crux of this super-fun book is taking a look at the behavior, thoughts, and actions of the chickens in your backyard. Now, being a caretaker’s daughter from a hoity-toity area of Connecticut, I never had chickens. The neighborhood would’ve frowned on these; either you had a dog that was perfect enough to win Westminster, or you had no pets at all. But after setting eyes on this award-winning book, and now living in a much more laid back part of America, backyard chickens are all I want!

“Chicken Nibbles” is set up in a great way. On one page you have a “tale.” A short ‘factoid’ that allows you to learn about chickens and how they act, etc. Then on the next page, the award-winning cartoonist who joins this author, Mark Lynch, creates a comic panel (like the ‘funnies’ in your newspaper but beautifully drawn) that represents the ‘factoid’ you just learned. Of course, Lynch and the author worked hard to make sure their presentation of each comic panel is truly hilarious.

The hens and roosters are adorable. Although most pages were easy to understand, there were some that utilized Australian terminology where the ‘extra data’ given made it much more clear and even funnier. And I cannot stress enough how amazingly professional these comics are. The colors are stunning, the drawings are detailed to the ‘nines’, and you will definitely find your own personal favorites that will make you want to purchase the hardcover if you’ve only been looking at the Kindle version. Now, yes, there were some risqué facts about how the hens and chickens get along that a parent might feel isn’t suitable for the younger generation, but that’s not the point. You, the parent, will have a laugh fest the minute you set eyes on any one of these!

Some of my personal choices are a tale that shows you, basically, why two roosters do not make a brotherhood. The cartoon is hysterical, with two roosters inside a fenced-in area. The larger one is basically saying to the small one: make your exit swiftly, act like a hen, or say goodbye because you’re headed to rooster heaven. (I am using my own words, of course, in order to not ruin the comic for you.) There’s also a ‘hen version’ of the 70s hit show, “The Brady Bunch” expertly referred to as “The Broody Bunch.” And another that knocked it out of the park showed how hens enjoy that famous song, “Boot Scootin’ Boogie.”

Dying to say more, folks, but you really have to purchase this one and enjoy it over and over again. Go on… buy it…. You don’t want people to think you’re chicken, right? (LOL) Forgive me for the bad joke… I have a broken foot, remember? Enjoy!

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