“50 Misconceptions of Sex: A Modern Tantric Practice” by Alexa Vartman

50 Misconceptions of Sex: A Modern Tantric Practice

Alexa Vartman
TNT Education (2020)
ISBN: 978-1-8380056-0-3
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (02/2022)

“50 Misconceptions of Sex: A Modern Tantric Practice,” leads a discussion of both common and some unusual topics regarding sex. Each myth gets its own chapter and has references listed to provide more information about why the particular topic is considered a myth.

The one that readers might be most surprised about involves a discussion on why blue balls are a myth. They might also find the discussion about women being able to have more than just clitoral orgasms as very interesting. As is the information presented that shows these are not the most powerful of the orgasms that they can experience. Biology, Psychology, and Spirituality all factor into discussions that either support or refute the common beliefs. Being that aspects of sex make up such a huge part of our existence, there is some knowledge to be gained by everybody that reads this book.

I gained a lot of information while reading “50 Misconceptions of Sex.” Nothing earth shattering, but a nice overview about topics involving sex. My interests follow the pretty standard heterosexual path, so I enjoyed being able to learn about people who have different interests and desires than me. I like that the author Alexa Vartman identifies as gender fluid and shares her thoughts and feelings from a very different perspective than mine. Every individual is unique, but I really appreciated her willingness to disclose personal information. She also presents everything in a friendly, lighthearted manner. She must be an amazing presenter!

Another aspect I appreciated was that the myths lead into discussions that go way beyond just the sex act. Other factors are discussed that are of great interest. Some of these included infidelity, sexual attraction in regards to looks and lingerie, parenting and sexual education. I will leave this book out in hopes that my mate will pick it up and learn from it as well. After 13 years, I think we could have some interesting discussions about some of these myths!

I highly recommend reading, “50 Misconceptions of Sex: A Modern Tantric Practice.”

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