“What is Cultural Factor: Biology Beyond Darwin” by Vipin Gupta

What is Cultural Factor: Biology Beyond Darwin

Vipin Gupta
Independently Published (2022)
ISBN: 979-8421648970
Reviewed by Michel Violante for Reader Views (1/2022)

Although “What is Cultural Factor” by Vipin Gupta is the 10th book of his series, it is only the second one that I have read. The book begins with a summarized explanation of the series, which seems to happen in all the books. I recommend the reader to take the time to read it, as it is very helpful to understand what follows. As with the 9th book in his series, “What is Trading Factor: Mathematics Beyond Einstein,” I found this one also reads as a standalone book.

In short, I found “What is Cultural Factor” to go deeper into the philosophical aspect as well as the biological of the human entity to present readers the premise of how cultural factor interacts with the other elements within the human entity and the way it creates reality. Gupta begins applying the trade and exchange process and values to explain how entities interact with time, then he moves to how entities are distributed and structured in space. Finally, he explores the cultural factor and reality. I enjoy Vipin’s ideas and find them enticing and thought provoking. I like how he uses math to show interaction between factors and entities.

There is no doubt that culture affects all aspects of our lives. We grow up accepting our personal cultures’ point of view on reality as our guides, and thus don’t think twice about applying those boundaries to our lifestyle. This book presents the possibility that maybe what we call guides are actually limitations to our potential, and that reality is an illusion. If that is not thought provoking, I don’t know what is! I found his concept fascinating enough to read from beginning to end enthusiastically. His ideas still linger in my mind, making me rethink things about my life that (having lived in three different cultures) have made me who I am and weighing how each culture influenced some of my decisions. The thought that some of those decisions were based on an illusion is both scary and promising…

“What is Cultural Factor” by Vipin Gupta is a fascinating read that will linger in my mind and influence my decision making going forward. Surely a Five-star life changing experience.


“What is Cultural Factor” by Vipin Gupta is the 10th book of the Project Vipin series. In this book, Vipin presents readers the idea that by developing ourselves within the social context, we are conditioning our well-being to the well-being of others, thus limiting our own development as creators to the capacity of our social context. The main goal of the author, as stated in the beginning of the book, is to free readers from all beliefs based on one’s culturally established concepts and institutions. Vipin again utilizes mathematics to explain the affirmations he expresses throughout the book. If you are like me, trying to read the math might be confusing. However, I found the paragraphs flowed perfectly for me when I ignored the math.

This is by far my favorite book from the series to date. I found it current and relatable in today’s era of influencers and followers. Realizing the cost of society on our own spiritual essence as creators made me think deeply about my own spiritual development and how I view my own reality. It also gave me a new view on our world today as an illusion created by institutions like corporations, religions, and financial organizations. I was made aware that my decision-making process throughout most my life was influenced and polluted as it was guided by pre-established ideas from my cultural environment. I was pleased to realize that my last few years of spiritual exploration and goal to live with purpose was a good call and the catalyst for the level of personal fulfillment. I have broken out of some of the limiting concepts that polluted my views.

“What is Cultural Factor” by Vipin Gupta is a Five Star must read. The wisdom revealed in it is currently and desperately needed for the newer generation. To understand that what we live as our reality might be our illusion can be world changing. To understand the cost of living within the illusion is absolutely lifesaving.

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