“The Bitchographies” by Vivienne Vuitton

The Bitchographies

Vivienne Vuitton
DartFrog Books (2021)
ISBN: 9781953910448
Reviewed by Haley Kilgour for Reader Views (03/2022)

No topic is off limits in “The Bitchographies: Random Commentaries About Life, Love, and Knockoff Christian Louboutins,” by Vivienne Vuitton. Take it from Vivienne, people are not always the sharpest tool in the shed, though keeping your trap shut, is usually the best bet. But that doesn’t mean we all haven’t encountered these people. And she’s about to make you feel oh so much better about the crazies in your life.

Going into this, I expected comedic commentary. While I did get commentary, I wouldn’t quite call it comedic. There were certain comedic elements at times (mostly found in the unlabeled section), but otherwise it was just no nonsense, here’s my thoughts on certain types of people—or situations.

The first segment, relating to dating, while I couldn’t relate to personally as I’m unmarried in my mid 20s, I did find incredibly relatable. I’ve still had to deal with the douchebag date. And the “oof, I’ve let myself go moment”. I think middle-aged women, whether divorced or not, will enjoy this section.

The corporate section was well over my head. I make a point in my job to deal with as few people as possible and to reside in an office only as a dire necessity. I did find this section is where Vivienne jumped from experiences to describing people. Personally, it wasn’t my thing. But also, I don’t deal with these kinds of people, so I’m not able to commiserate. People who do work in corporate America will probably find this section enjoyable, however.

The People section was probably one of the wittier sections. Though it was mostly just complaining about people… we’ll they’re the types of people we all complain about. And usually rightfully so.

I did notice about halfway through that it only really deals with negative people and experiences. But, from the few glimpses of the good side, I know it’s just me reading into it. I did also notice a bit of a quirk. Sometimes, British English is used, yet the publishing company is from Vermont. Nothing major and it certainly didn’t ruin the book, but just something I noticed. And it did make me wonder if Vivienne is from the UK. As did the whole story about Sunday afternoon tea.

Overall, I’d recommend this to middle-aged ladies looking for confirmation that they’re not alone.

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