“Provenance” by Carla Laureano


Carla Laureano
Tyndale House Publishers (2021)
Reviewed by Ashley Hooker for Reader Views (03/2022)

Have you ever labeled your life a complete mistake and later found out you were totally wrong? In “Provenance” by Carla Laureano this is exactly what happens to a young woman named Kendall. Sha has always described herself as a foster child and one that no one loved. She had determined that she was always alone, and she will always be alone.

All of Kendall’s life was filled with being sent from one foster home to another. She had not been aware of any living family, and she really hadn’t looked. When Kendall returns from a trip to Europe, she has a surprise waiting on her desk, a letter from which she learns she has inherited five houses in Jasper Lake from a woman named Constance Green. After a phone call to the listed attorney, Kendall learns that Constance Green was her grandmother.

Over the course of a week, Kendall explores the property and develops an affection for the town. She learns a developer has plans for her property that require her to act fast or lose it all. Kendall is conflicted about what decisions she should make. Her life and home are in Pasadena, California. She had worked hard to build the business she has. She has built a life there that she isn’t sure she is ready to give up. Most of all, she has learned so much about her past that she begins to have questions about her present and future.

My favorite part of this story is the relationship between Kendall and Gabe. Gabe has a strong faith in God. Kendall admits she doesn’t believe in God, but that she does have feelings for Gabe. When Gabe feels their friendship is moving to a new level, he tells Kendall they cannot be together because they have different beliefs. This is the same conversation my husband and I had when we started dating. I could relate so well. Watching the spiritual relationship of these characters grow and evolve was beautiful.

I would describe “Provenance” as a heartwarming journey into the soul. Kendall’s soul had been marred from her childhood experiences. Her time in Jasper Lake opened her eyes to who she could be. She learned that her label as a foster child could be removed. Her biological family did love her and wanted her. She was not in the foster system because they didn’t care, she was there because of the fates of her parents. Kendall had never met her grandmother, but Constance Green changed everything about Kendall’s life.

Carla Laureano has written a beautiful story that I expect would be a Hallmark movie. The story was easy to read. It made the reader evaluate parts of their own lives. It brought forth emotions that were hidden away. I highly recommend this book to all readers looking for a story that is a combination of entertainment and self-reflection.

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