“You Have the Right to Remain Silent” (Zachary Blake Legal Thriller #8) by Mark M. Bello

You Have the Right to Remain Silent (Zachary Blake Legal Thriller, #8)

Mark M. Bello
8Grand Publications (2022)
ISBN: 978-1956595079
Reviewed by Amy Lignor for Reader Views (03/2022)

I became a tremendous fan of the “Zachary Blake Legal Thrillers” by Mr. Bello a long time ago, and he has never let me down once. Which is difficult, by the way. After all, we readers know that to create just one successful, intricate, cool mystery is hard enough without having to create an entire set of them. Only a few authors have shown they have this gift, and Mark M. Bello is one of them. (Between you and me, I get as excited to receive the new Zachary Blake as I get when I am asked to read the next Xavier Pendergast novel that the team of Lincoln and Child pen. I’m positively giddy for both!)

For those living in caves who are unaware, this series is dedicated to social justice movements; many times the incredible, intricate plots come from the headlines of present-day news and are used by this author to give a voice to “nameless, faceless victims” that continue to be caught in the judicial system. Zachary Blake, introduced in “Betrayal of Faith” (Book 1), as Detroit’s Former King of Justice, captured this reader’s heart and mind immediately, and now, here we are in Book 8, and this “lawman” is still beyond mesmerizing!

This time around, we meet up with a talk-show host by the name of Mia Folger. Mia is a conservative, whereas her husband, a congressional representative named Bradley Crawford, is progressive in his political stance. This is not exactly a happy marriage when readers first become engrossed in this book; in fact, Mia is in therapy with Dr. Harold Rothenberg who’s trying to help her. However, she’s going to need far more than that when the blame is placed on Mia as being the vicious criminal who dismembered and murdered her husband.

The prosecutor, of course, wants this woman tried and put in jail for life ASAP. And Mia cannot stand up for herself because, after staring at the mutilated corpse of her husband, the shock hit her and she now lies in a hospital room in a catatonic state.

Mia’s therapist, luckily enough, believes wholeheartedly that his patient is innocent in all this. Even more lucky is the fact that the doctor’s old friend just happens to be Detroit’s one and only Zachary Blake. Rothenberg and Blake have a background, as readers will know; the doctor is the one who treated Blake’s own children when they were pitted against a priest that was actually an evil predator.

Soon Zachary has the help of investigator Micah Love, who has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he’s the best in his field, and Reed Spencer, an IT/cyber-specialist with a genius mind. Also coming on board the team is Shari Belitz – who is one of the funniest, sarcastic, confident characters I’ve ever met. (A whole lot of fun, people!) Shari is a jury consultant in NY and, even though readers will really like her, Zachary isn’t exactly thrilled with her highbrow, condescending ways. But because Micah recommends Shari and really wants Zachary to work with her on this case, Shari is in and the fun begins as egos explode all over the place.

Not only is the evidence incredible, the twists, the turns, the psychotic minds that lurk in the shadows, and the scenes that hit every emotion out there, from humor to intense drama, keep the reader focused on the pages of this (yet again) perfectly written legal thriller.

Another note? This year, this particular author has moved from one category, in my mind, to being a “jack of all trades” in the literary community. I always thought his suspense was top-notch, but I also got to read a cookbook and a children’s book that will both be winning awards, along with this one, when that season comes around once again. My advice? Do not miss this, guys and gals. Get on the Zachary Blake/Mark M. Bello train as soon as possible and experience the ride of your life!

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