“Bold: Rein In Your Mind, Reign in Your Career” by Audrey D. Lloyd

Bold: Rein In Your Mind, Reign in Your Career

Audrey D. Lloyd
New Degree Press (2022)
ISBN: 978-1637306598
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (03/2022)

“Bold: Rein in Your Mind, Reign in Your Career,” by Audrey D. Lloyd, helps readers discover their inner boldness so that they can discover their gifts and talents, maximize their potential, and live authentically—professionally and personally. It’s an empowering concept to know that you already have the recipe for success inside you—you just have to dig it out, cultivate it, and make it work for you in the world.

Success doesn’t come easy. It takes work and recognizing that you can develop skills beyond your expectations. Not only that, but you can also encourage others to do the same. Lloyd explains how we are in a “work revolution,” and these recent changes can bring doubt and confusion. But thankfully this is an author who can teach you to dig deep for the survival skills you need in order to not only adapt but thrive and succeed.

Every chapter Lloyd brings you is about being bold, and how it can shape who you are and what you do in life, from job performance to personal relationships. It all comes down to the choices that you make and the control you can take in your life. Each experience we have, each behavior we perform, gets us closer to the goal we set for ourselves. There is only one you, and this author presents the roadmap in clear, concise language that you can start applying in your life today.

I like the author’s concept that each person can have success in an individual way—the journey is different for everyone. But if authenticity is what you crave, if understanding yourself and uncovering your true nature is important to you, you will love this book. It’s possible to be rewarded for who you are, for your special skills and unique talents. Lloyd teaches you how to make your uniqueness work for you. The more strategically you approach your career and your happiness, the more successful you will be.

Who hasn’t looked for a blueprint that cuts through the clutter? Self-discovery begins with looking inside to find out who you are and what you’re good at, and what you’d like to be better at. Bold is an attitude. It can be learned and used to handle any situation that arises.

This coaching book is upbeat, inspiring, and encouraging, and the author has tapped into the mindset we all need to get ahead in today’s rocky world. Especially nice are the questions for reflection that the author poses, giving you room on the page to answer them in your own personal way. To jumpstart your career, boost your self-esteem, or find out how you can use your gifts and talents to the uttermost, don’t miss “Bold: Rein in Your Mind, Reign in Your Career,” by Audrey D. Lloyd.

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