“Under the Chaos Veil” by E.K. Prescott

Under the Chaos Veil

E.K. Prescott
Paper Raven Books (2022)
ISBN: 978-1736680643
Reviewed by Ashley Hooker for Reader Views (03/2022)

“Under the Chaos Veil” is the third book in E.K. Prescott’s “The Ivy League Chronicles.” Books one and two have been full of mystery and action. In her third, Prescott introduces yet another set of problems for Professor Wikki.

The story begins with Richard, or Professor Wikki, reminiscing about the events of the past year. He is all set to get on a boat and sail to England to visit his newly discovered half-sister and teach a course at the prestigious Oxford University. The reason for this visit was a telegram from his Helena stating she needed help and was being framed for murder.

During his travels, he meets a woman named Lilith. She seems to pop up wherever Richard is and is way too nice. When Richard arrives at Highclere Castle to meet his sister, he supposes that his time with Lilith was over. He was there to help his sister and teach. Richard gets the information about the death of one of Helena’s servants and travels to Oxford to teach his first class. All his students are excited, including the late arrival, Lilith.

While Richard is in London, he is faced with a blast from the past. When he arrives back at Highclere Castle, his assistant Maize is there. With their investigations, they uncover the murderer and a plot with much more dangerous plans.

I have read the prior books in this series and loved them. “Under the Chaos Veil” seems to have slowed down a bit and disappointed me. Missing is the page turning plot I was expecting from Prescott’s previous works. The characters were trimmed down to Richard and Maize. The investigation into the servant’s murder was tedious. It seemed like Richard and Maize were tired and needed a break. The last major scene in the book was at a party at Highclere Castle. Maize discovers Lilith’s reason for wanting to be close to Richard and at the castle. The reason gets put back in a secret hiding place and Maize decides to not share information with Richard. The ending was almost abrupt.

While I was personally a bit disappointed with this latest installment, I think Prescott has delivered a well-written story. Her plot was directly in line with her previous books in the series. One can only hope this is not the end for Richard and Maize. Regardless of this little bump with book 3, it will not stop me from reading the next book she publishes, and I still will recommend this series to readers who want a story with mystery set in a time when secrets were the name of the game.

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