“Something Like Treason” by William Sonn

Something Like Treason

William Sonn
Sunbury Press Inc.
ISBN: 978-1620065099
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (04/2022)

“Something Like Treason,” by William Sonn, is a book that reveals an American secret only known by a few during World War II, during the years of 1942-1944. The secret? Read on!

During this period, as America was at war with Germany, Italy, and Japan, “known enemy sympathizers” were joining the U.S. military, in the guise of being patriotic. These “new recruits” were American citizens, born and raised in the United States! In an attempt to keep an eye on them, they didn’t deny them enrollment, but kept them together in a special unit call The 620th Engineer General Services, located in a remote location in Colorado. They performed generalized engineering duties, possessed no arms, and just “tended the camp” so to speak, preforming mundane duties. The U.S. government never “advertise” this base for their purposes, and the FBI monitored all these individuals beforehand.

Later, a soldier by the name of Dale Maple freed other German sympathizers and together broke out of the camp, headed to Mexico with the intention of getting to Germany with the hopes that they would be supplied with armaments to return to America and attack the country from within! Luckily, their plan never materialize as they were apprehended within miles of the Mexican border.

First, “Something Like Treason,” isn’t a fiction, but a very true story. I, like many of you, have probably never heard of this camp called Camp Meade in Colorado, and never knew that hundreds of spies and Nazi sympathizers were “strategically” held in one place. The brilliancy of this was that they in fact believe they were true soldiers! Little did they know the FBI had already done extensive background checks and risk examinations on these soldiers, as well as learning their leanings towards the “Axis” of evil fighting America and it’s allies.

The author reveals many other “secret camps” dealing with other nationalities as well; but this one was unique! “Something Like Treason” also goes into great detail of other “secrets” occurring at this camp that will absolutely floor you! The book is very well written, easy to read, and very informative for the common citizen like me; but especially if you’re a historian buff!

The “breakout” by Dale Maple and his associates from the camp is addressed in great detail, so much so that I can’t reveal as to not interfere with the surprises. As an ex-military man and a historian, I for one never heard of this story. Also, the author has an excellent bibliography and nice index to not only allow you to do further research but PROVE this is a true story. Five stars….

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