“Catching the Wind” by Steve Physioc

Catching the Wind

Steve Physioc
Independently Published (2022)
ISBN: 978-1736080450
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (04/2022)

“Catching the Wind” by Steve Physioc, is a relentlessly riveting tale, as one man’s career and reputation hang in the balance when a nefarious man from his past makes a return to exact revenge.

Sam Cloud-Carson is a content man with a budding baseball career and a satisfying daytime job as a wildlife tracker. That is, until he encounters Drake Dixon, a self-seeking man whose only interest in life is money and power. Dixon manipulates Carson into joining Diamond Bar, an American security firm based in the Middle East, as a reconnaissance tracker in Afghanistan by offering to provide a kidney transplant for his sick sister. Upon exposing Dixon’s illegal activities in the Middle East, Carson wriggles himself out of the company’s arms and embarks on advancing his baseball career and redeeming his life. He moves to Nicaragua and works at an orphanage, bringing hope to orphaned kids through the sport. Sam eventually moves back to America as his star rises to the peak.

However, his almost perfect life is upended when Dixon comes back to haunt him, putting everything he holds dear in jeopardy. Can Sam Carson manage to get his team, the Royals, to the World Series, amidst the storm in his life? Can he save a broken woman suffering from low self-worth and esteem issues by giving her hope for the future?

“Catching The Wind” is a book written with candor. The settings of the book are ambient as well. From the Nicaraguan social atmosphere to the sports arenas of the United States, the descriptions are vibrant and stellar. The backstories that Physioc offers are pitch-perfect and hold the readers’ attention during the reading. Carson’s past oozes into the present, including some of the decisions he makes that create a possible threat. This ultimately creates suspense and interest.

Further, the vibrant translation from Spanish in some of the dialogue brings out the literary skill of the prose. Physioc’s appreciation for different cultures, shedding a glimpse into the Afghanistan war, and interweaving this with a family saga is acute. This book deserves five stars as it is richly written and well-grounded. Sam, the main protagonist, is a baseball maestro capable and competent, and readers will find themselves rooting for him every step of the way.

“Catching The Wind” by award-winning author, Steve Physioc, is an expansive, big-hearted novel about ambition, love, family, and friendship. Fans of family drama simmering with adventure, travel, and history, will find this text to be a beautiful addition to their bookshelves.

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