“Trace of Doubt” by DiAnn Mills

Trace of Doubt

DiAnn Mills
Tyndale House Publishers (2021)
ISBN 978-1496451859
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (05/2022)

“Trace of Doubt” is an exciting and compelling mystery by best-selling author, DiAnn Mills.

Shelby Pearce, a 31-year-old woman freshly released from prison, is finally free after serving 15 years for the murder of her brother-in-law and allegedly embezzling five hundred thousand dollars! Upon release, Shelby moved to a small Texas community to start over again. Shelby is a devout, born again Christian and looks forward to her new life.

Upon arrival, she’s befriended by another Christian lady named Edie and the local pastor. They arranged for Shelby to live in a small cabin in a serene, wooded part of town. However, Shelby is introduced to Edie’s brother, the local deputy who, not only doesn’t like her but desires she move out of town. He just doesn’t like ex-cons!

As Shelby attempts to settle, a series of threats are made against her life. Someone wants her to leave. Bullets are fired at her and a threatening letter is received. Many believe she knows where the unfound stolen cash is and wonder if she had an accomplice who expected to share the money and was in on the plot to murder her brother-in-law. Little does Shelby know that a friendship she’s developed with a neighbor is actually an FBI agent planted to keep tabs on her! Did Shelby really kill her brother-in-law or just take the rap? Where’s the stolen money?

“Trace of Doubt” by DiAnn Mills is one of the best books I’ve come across! The way the various mysteries play out is mind-boggling! By page six, I was already intrigued… within 10 minutes of reading, I simply placed the book down momentarily and placed a pot of coffee on so I could settle down and dig in.

It usually takes me some time, around 3 weeks to throughly read a book. This one only took a week because I couldn’t put it down. Just when I thought I knew something, it zigged on me. When I thought about it again, I realized it had actually zagged! I can’t and won’t destroy this book’s integrity by revealing all in the above narrative; it just wouldn’t be fair to the next reader. You just have to get a copy yourself.

Another thing, “Trace of Doubt” by DiAnn Mills would make for a good television movie! This is brilliant work. I compliment Ms. Mills on a very good and well thought-out mystery. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for any person who seeks perfection in the written arts! Five stars.

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