“Merry Little Wishing Spritz (Christmas Cookies)” by Cherie Colyer

Merry Little Wishing Spritz (Christmas Cookies)

Cherie Colyer
The Wild Rose Press (2021)
Reviewed by Diana Coyle for Reader Views (05/2022)

In “Merry Little Wishing Spritz,” Cassie Moore doesn’t know what’s going to come of her crazy situation. You see, Cassie and her best friend, Peyton, are modern-day witches. Peyton has a dream foretelling that Cassie’s life will be turned upside down in which she’ll not only lose her job she loves at Lakeside Books, but also her apartment that her friend and boss, Bea, allows Cassie to stay in above the bookstore. Bea needs the money and her only option is to sell to Jack Quinn, a real estate investor, who already has plans on what to do with the waterfront property there in Mystic Creek, Massachusetts. With a little bit of magic cast on some Christmas cookies and a whole lot of charm, Cassie sets out to convince Bea not to sell. Does her plan work?

Ms. Colyer penned a charming and sweet story that made me feel as if I were part of the storyline, watching everything unfold before my eyes. I fell in love with her characters as if they were real-life people. I felt bad for Cassie because everything she knew and loved in her life was quickly falling apart before her eyes. I had hoped that whatever the final outcome was going to be, she would be okay with it and be able to bounce back quickly from it.

As the author introduced Jack to me, I didn’t know what to make of him at first. He seemed like a really nice guy and I loved that about him, but once I found out that he was the future owner of the property, I became very leery of his intentions. He didn’t seem to care that he would be displacing Cassie of not only her job but also her apartment that she loved dearly. I was torn between liking him and hating him for seeing this only as a business deal. Although I did understand that business was business and that there shouldn’t be any personal feelings involved. That was until he got to know Cassie better.

The author constructed a delightful storyline with exceptionally real characters. I eagerly kept turning the pages to see what happened next with them. Although I was rooting for Cassie to land on her feet quickly, I felt that Jack threw her a curveball by showing up at Mystic Creek. He had great qualities about him and I secretly had hoped that something would start up between them. Ms. Colyer didn’t disappoint me with her perfectly placed twists and turns throughout her story and the little bits and pieces of magic she wove into the storyline.

Overall, I loved this short Christmas story and would highly recommend it to readers of all ages because I feel there’s something for everyone to enjoy within this story. Well done, Ms. Colyer!

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