“Illegimate Sun” by Kenneth Earl

Illegitimate Sun

Kenneth Earl
Kenneth Earl Publishing and Consulting Services (2021)
ISBN: 978-1737565000
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (05/2022)
5*Watching The Back of Americans

Getting out of an impoverished neighborhood is tough enough, but getting out and achieving something is another thing altogether. Born and raised in what was essentially a ghetto in South Carolina, the author, Kenneth Earl, did just that and never looked back. Raised by his unwed mother, who obviously guided and developed his character, a young Kenneth was on a mission. Not any mission to work or choose any vocation, but to achieve the highest of professions, an intelligence officer in the United States Navy.

Learning that a mutual friend had joined the Navy, the author inquired about the opportunity and, after careful thought, decided to pursue this adventure as well. Of course, being under 18, he was too young to make this happen independently and had to convince his mother to sign the application. She didn’t waver! Ultimately, her signature was only the beginning; as he had to take an entrance examination to see if he even qualified, and eventually scored quite well! So he went, on to an adventure that would be noted in the annals of military circles forever!

“Illegitimate Sun” is a fascinating tale of a person in a rough life who made it. His journey led him into not just the U. S Navy, but ultimately, after many years of diligence and dedicated service, to the honorable and secret club of the “Intelligence Services.”

The Intelligence Services deals with so many things, such as espionage, spies, rogue intelligence agents, counter-intelligence, concealment devices, safe houses, and deadly adversaries. It’s a dangerous job that could at any time cost him his life! It’s not for the faint -hearted or indecisive personnel, but takes great skills. Acquiring the skills is only the first step, but one must also have a natural aptitude to excel.

“Illegitimate Sun” by Kenneth Earl not only goes into great detail concerning secret missions and the many ways he personally had a hand in espionage matters, but also his life on the journey! With such a vocation, it exudes many basic life skills that the author share with the readers. How to be decisive and how to show confidence in adverse situations is clearly shared with an emphasis on being “dedicated to your craft.” The author shared, as much as he could, many secret military missions and confidential assignments, and I wouldn’t want to reveal some of these as it would give away the surprise as how the author has been a key component of “protecting all Americans” in such dangerous times. I sincerely thank the author for his distinguished career! 5 stars easily, and highly recommended reading about U.S. history and leadership.

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