“Steps to Happiness” by Mona Hassan-Alaali

Steps To Happiness

Mona Hassan-Alaali
Lulu.com (2020)
ISBN: 978-1716936050
Reviewed by Diana Coyle for Reader Views (05/2022)

In “Steps To Happiness,” Mona Hassan-Alaali provides 31 tools and steps to help work through any obstacles or challenges we are facing and helps us try to find some inner joy and peace again.

I loved this book because although it was only a brief 61 pages; it was chock full of many well thought out offerings readers could adapt to their own situation and start working toward finding their inner peace and happiness. The style the author presented in her short book was the perfect way for readers to read and digest her advice. Her writing was clear and concise and I found myself stopping and thinking about a few nuggets of information that really resonated with me as I continued reading.

One thought the author hit on the mark for me is: “Practice Gratitude.” The thought that the more we are grateful, the more abundance we will give really rang true for me. I thought about it and truly agree with her that the more open you are to being grateful for even the littlest of things in life, the more blessed your life will be rewarded for the future. Your mindset plays a huge part in all you say, do and feel and in being grateful for however small or big the positive is in your life, helps set the stage for future blessings to come to you and you’ll be grateful for those as well. It’s a cycle that keeps repeating itself for you.

Another of her thoughts offered was to: “Be Present.” I feel everyone falls completely short of this on a daily basis. Life is so packed with deadlines, appointments, stressors, bills, health issues etc. that we fall short of just being present in the moment. I know we are all busy, but just giving yourself a minute or two or even five or ten just to reflect and be present in your moment can help you become aware of even more things that you might be grateful for—even if it is the smallest thing such as to enjoy a cup of coffee and to just be present in that moment as you sip it.

Yet another topic I feel was wonderful to think about was: “Love Yourself.” It is with loving yourself first that allows us to receive the love of others afterward. We need to remind ourselves that self-love is healthy and we should do more of it. It’s perfectly fine to take pride in who you are and what you as in individual offer to the world. Individuality is the key to being unique, and each unique person offers something special that the other person may not be able to offer. Loving yourself and expressing your uniqueness allows more love to flow your way.

Overall, I found “Steps To Happiness,” by Mona Hassan-Alaali extremely enjoyable and thought-provoking. The author offers 31 ideas on how to work toward happiness and no matter who you are, everyone could take something away from this quick read. I feel it fits all varying readers’ ages because everyone can use more self-love and happiness in their lives—especially with all the chaos surrounding our lives daily. I highly recommend this book to readers of all ages. Well done, Ms. Hassan-Alaali!

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