“A World Without Emotions: Evolution” by Emiliano Forino Procacci

A World Without Emotions: Evolution

Emiliano Forino Procacci
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN: 978-0578305943
Reviewed by: Lily Andrews for Reader Views (05/2022)
4*A Cerebral Mystery with Sharp Details

Imagine a world where human beings do not experience the seven basic emotions- anger, fear, happiness, sadness, disgust, surprise, and contempt – and only display neutral facial expressions? Such is the case in “A World Without Emotions: Evolution” by Emiliano Forino Procacci.

After graduating from the police academy, William Pattern was assigned to the Happiness City Police Department. He never really understood why he and other humans no longer experienced any emotions or what was behind it, but when he meets Beatrice, he felt attracted to her. This encounter made him desire to seek the reason humans were stripped of their emotions. William had no idea what lurked beneath his discovery and, upon helping restore the world order, a new threat loomed. A mysterious man had, in a short period of time, eliminated all emotions from the people of Europe and would soon be able to conquer all the countries of the world if he wasn’t stopped.

This time around, William was hoping to live a quiet life with his young family and wanted no part in joining the resistance group. However, when an estranged family member, assumed dead, came back into his life with a dangerous request and his family is kidnapped with a condition of subservience, William is left with little choice and is consequently plunged into an uncertain world full of pitfalls and a nefarious pharmaceutical company that will stop at nothing to see him dead.

“A World Without Emotions-Evolution” is a tale of friendship, loyalty, loss, betrayal, and intrigue. The plot, which includes ancient tales that date centuries back, is like a jigsaw puzzle waiting for the pieces to be fitted together. It is a riveting blend of science fiction, romance, mystery, and suspense. The story is interwoven with fierce characters, flashbacks, and historical references igniting and subduing readers’ doubts.

Procacci hits the hammer with hard precision. The text features objects of interest such as the reversing serum, a pinecone artifact, and hidden codes, all of which reveal pieces of the tantalizing mystery. Further, William’s extrasensory perception skills are layered and involving, making this sharp thriller all the more exciting to read. The plot can easily shift a reader’s interest due to its shifting viewpoints and excessive historical references, nevertheless, it is a standout propulsive mystery that will linger long after the reading is done.

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