“Innocence Derailed” by Jane Catherine Rozek

Innocence Derailed

Jane Catherine Rozek
Books of Life Publishing House (2022)
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (05/2022)

Kicking off the Spirit Quest series, “Innocence Derailed” by Jane Catherine Rozek, is a standalone coming-of-age novel based on the author’s personal experiences.

The story begins with fifteen-year-old Kate, who is living in Oregon in 1968. It was at this time she first felt Spirit connecting with her through brief messages. Shortly after, Kate falls in love for the first time and experiences life fully through this relationship. And while there is a great deal of joy, there are some painful, life altering experiences. After the relationship ends, Kate launches herself out into the world on some grand adventures. Around the time that she attends a university, she also journeys down into Mexico to help a friend and ends up fully immersing herself in what life has to offer there. Spirit continues reaching out to Kate with messages to help her understand the meaning behind some of the events. When Kate returns from Mexico, she feels compelled to move to Canada, though she encounters serious incidents that put this goal at risk. Still, she perseveres and in April 1974 finds herself on her way to her next adventure.

Jane Catherine Rozek’s story really captured my attention. She tells her story so vividly and heartfelt, that I felt like I was viewing what was happening through young Kate’s eyes. I felt like I could relate to this young woman, as I remembered my own adventures and misadventures as a young adult. Her friendships were so meaningful, and heartbreaks so devastating. Watching her begin to embrace her connection to spirit was wonderful. I had similar experiences like this, and I suspect others who enjoy “Innocence Derailed,” will also relate. As I was reading about the messages she was hearing, I clearly remembered when Spirit told me, “Find your center,” as I was unable to stop myself from sliding down a mountain in Big Sur. That voice was clear and helped me focus so that I could save myself. Rozek helped remind me that I need to spend more time focusing on renewing this special connection.

I believe others will also feel connected with this book on a level that goes beyond just enjoying an exceptionally written story, which this book is. I think “Innocence Derailed,” will be an excellent choice to share with women’s readers groups, friends and sisters. The conversations that will develop from discussing this will be amazing! I look forward to the next book in the Spirit Quest series.

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