“Global Vice: A COMSEC Thriller” by Andrew J. Rafkin

Global Vice: A COMSEC Thriller

Andrew J. Rafkin
Outskirts Press (2022)
ISBN: 978-1977250742
Reviewed by: Lily Andrews for Reader Views (05/2022)

In “Global Vice: A COMSEC Thriller,” the security firm owned by Ben Alexander, an experienced security agent, and Nickolas Zelenko, a computer specialist, is dragged into the underbelly of the human trafficking world.

With a team of Naval forces, a brilliantly intuitive partner named Alison, and a capable artificial intelligence machine named EVE, the team follows the trail into the alien swirling world of ruthless criminals who will stop at nothing when crossed by their enemies. As they get deeper into the labyrinth of what initially looked like a case of insurance graft, their lives are filled with danger and deadly uncertainties as Ben finds himself on the brink of a terrible discovery.

Readers will hold their breath occasionally as Andrew J. Rafkin delivers a deluge of surprises and the narrative sets out into unfamiliar territory and across continents as the protagonists race against time to track down the culprits.

Ben is a determinedly logical character whose toughness drives the plot. The author carves a story that balances artificial intelligence, action, and thrill as he peels back the mask on a complex issue that is often seen as an outlandish problem.

“Global Vice: A COMSEC Thriller” abounds with tropical backdrops and a hairpin plot, and the results are nothing less than blazing. For us to end modern-day slavery, we must first be aware of its existence along with its dark side.

Rafkin does a remarkable job setting the stage for a gripping face-off with an international ring of cutthroat criminals. His unflagging literary grace is the feather in the cap in this novel, resulting in a 5-star rating. The characters are well fleshed out and readers will inevitably find themselves rooting for the heroes and the heroine.

It takes the natural talent of an author to infuse a heavy theme into a fictional story and still manage to captivate readers with the narrative. Author Rafkin does just that.

Indeed, ” Global Vice: A COMSEC Thriller” by Andrew J. Rafkin is a spine-tingling expose into a human vice that reveals the depth of the human soul. It is a must-read for fans of crime fiction imbued with bio-punk elements.

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