“Threads” by Bryan Cassiday

Threads (Scott Brody Thriller Book 4)

Bryan Cassiday
Independently Published (2022)
ISBN 9781737628231
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (06/2022)

“Threads,” by Bryan Cassiday, is aptly named for the fashion empire within, the pulling of a thread that unravels the whole thing, and the breadcrumbs that slowly weave together the full picture. Scott Brody may at first appear to be your typical private investigator, looking into spousal affairs and other low-level jobs, albeit for mobsters, but “Threads” pulls that entire life apart.

Book four in the Scott Brody thrill ride lives up to its reputation. As with the three books proceeding it, Scott Brody’s life seems to be anything but ordinary, further proved by the antics encompassed within this most recent iteration. And yet, he continues to bring the action as he takes on what he believes to be a well-paid, simple, delivery job. What could go wrong? Never lacking in action, this thrilling ride through Los Angeles and Las Vegas is explosive, literally. With ties to fashion and mobsters, nothing is off limits when it comes to packing a punch.

There are many characters present within “Threads,” from the fashion industry executives to other private investigators, police work, pornography producers, actors and aficionados, and mob ties. Though there is a plethora of characters to hold the reader’s attention, each character brings such a unique background and history into the fold that they all felt like exciting additions to the plot rather than burdensome names to keep track of, as large casts can sometime become.

Although the plot at times felt rushed, with all too convenient of leads, author Bryan Cassiday has a way with characters. The banter and relationship between Scott Brody and Tess Hardwick is entirely entertaining, and our fashion victim, Max Reed’s personality, is larger than life, even post-mortem. Beyond Cassiday’s talents with characters, the breadcrumbs within the plot seemed to cart readers in many different directions, keeping us not only entertained and guessing but showing off the author’s knowledge of several industries and their Hollywood/fashion ties. Despite these wild antics, Cassiday’s prose made Scott Brody’s adventures seem entirely realistic.

Book four of the Scott Brody thrillers, “Threads,” is entertaining, captivating, and full of action. Readers will quickly jump to all the wrong conclusions on their way to solving Scott Brody’s framing. With a cinematic ending, private investigating winding through the middle, and Hollywood fashion glory to kick it off, “Threads” makes for the complete package.

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