“Don’t Retire…Graduate!” by Eric Brotman

Don’t Retire… Graduate!: Building a Path to Financial Freedom and Retirement at Any Age

Eric Brotman
Brotman Media Group, LLC (2020)
ISBN 9781734970104
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (06/2022)

“Don’t Retire…Graduate!” is a fresh take on planning for your financial freedom. With a unique outlet for progressing through the author’s dedicated steps and planning tools, readers can leave feeling more educated on the process towards retiring.

Set amongst the college landscape from application to each semester of the stereotypical four years of college, author Eric Brotman seeks to engage readers through his retirement curriculum. This layout within “Don’t Retire…Graduate!” is superbly engaging, but can exclude readers that either didn’t go to college or don’t remember/understand the foundations of it. Regardless of this, I was the perfect audience fit. As a lifelong learner, still taking continuing and higher education well past undergrad, this book’s layout sang to me. With a seamlessly laid out plan to financial freedom, following the path through a “retirement college,” there are lots of references to room, board, tuition, professors, etc. that makes it easy to follow and track for individuals of all ages.

I personally hold more than a decade in the financial industry, and I enjoyed the premise and advice given throughout “Don’t Retire…Graduate!”  However, I felt each chapter swung wildly in terms of the range of financial savvy or understanding needed. For instance, in freshman year there were tips to avoid bankruptcy and managing one’s overspending and debt to a very detailed introduction to insurance products, including four life insurance products alone. As someone that deals heavily in life insurance products every day, the level of detail and intricacies was a lot for just a “freshman year” course topic. Despite being over the readers’ heads in some scenarios, the author does a great job of creating a comprehensive, wide, and diverse array of topics. I especially enjoyed insights into the financial planner or advisor selection process as Brotman provided a list of questions individuals may want to ask advisors/planners as they seek to find a professional that fits their needs and personality. 

While every chapter, every course, or every college year may not be immediately fitting to readers, this comprehensive guide is a great reference tool to refer to again and again as/when needed. And while the author recommends time and time again to consult financial, tax, and legal professionals the advice and background “Don’t Retire…Graduate!” allows for readers to go into these consults with enough knowledge to ask the right questions and feel well equipped.

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