“The Devil Inside” by Susan K. Hamilton

The Devil Inside

Susan K. Hamilton
Inkshares, Inc. (2020)
ISBN 9781950301201
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (07/2022)

Forget the cute little angel and devil on your shoulder. Instead, imagine the angel and devil lusting for one another with a flaming desire that dances off the page. In “The Devil Inside” Author Susan K. Hamilton crafts a full working organization of angels and devils and the roles they play in our lives in this unforgettable, otherworldly romance.

The universe comprises three planes. The Mortal Plane where we presently live until death, when our soul travels to the Null Plane before going to either Heaven or Hell. We are then eventually sent to the Immortal Plane to live the rest of our forever in either Heaven or Hell. Angels and devils work for the Heaven and Hell divisions of Immortal Planes Incorporated, all reporting to the chairman and CEO, God.

“The Devil Inside” kicks off as Mara Dullahan is approaching year end with a shot of becoming the second all-time sales and acquisitions devil, just behind the King of Hell, Lucifer. She’s got a penchant for closing impressive deals with souls full of tarnish to feed her power. However, Duncan’s charming and boyish good looks may have other plans for Mara’s record as she becomes captivated by the very off-limits angel she begins lusting for. What could possibly go wrong with an angel and devil falling for one another?

Using olfactory senses, the author ties each important character to a scent that is unique to them as the angels and devils travel amongst humans on the Mortal Plane. Hamilton has created a fascinating concept in which the good and bad mortals are tempted with contracts and saves by devils and angels looking for humans to sell their souls. She has truly crafted a thorough and well-developed world within the pages, making corporate Heaven and Hell salespeople into a fascinating construct. Tied in amongst this intriguing corporate world is a steamy and forbidden love. With secrets of her own and a quick-witted tongue, readers will be immediately captivated by Mara’s devilish charm, but is love enough for Mara to give up her win streak?

 With heavy themes regarding personal and professional sacrifice, good and evil, forgiveness and greed, “The Devil Inside” is a must read.

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