“The DAP Strategy” by Raj Sundarason

The DAP Strategy: A New Way of Working to De-risk and Accelerate your Digital Transformation

Raj Sundarason
Dap Publishing Pte Ltd (2021)
ISBN: 978-9811816499
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (08/2022)

Linking your corporate objectives with your operational and financial goals is standard practice for most companies. The DAP Strategy by Raj Sundarason is a sweeping compendium that speaks to leaders and employees alike on how to digitally revolutionize every aspect of a business to overcome challenges and bring better production.

Digital transformation has become our everyday reality. Distilling from years of experience in the business world along with empirical evidence, Sundarason deftly covers topics such as infusing technology into areas like marketing, branding, accounting, supply, and the general management of an organization. The result is an exhaustive tapestry with personal experiences that hold the potential to empower people, organizations, and leaders alike to go from barely functioning to propelling themselves, ultimately exceeding expectations.

The thematic chapters abet, assess, encourage, and affect. The information flows well from section to section and the unswerving, propositional sentences help the book be both clear and attainable, delivering its lessons in an effectively succinct manner. Further, the book reinforces its information by providing easily decodable pie charts and graphs that are eye-opening and reflective. A short final afterword iterates the book’s mission of equipping leaders with the tools to insert a digital footprint in every department of an organization. Optimizing this strategy, the book suggests, will help organizations maximize their performances and productivity.

Raj Sundarason envisions a new kind of workplace that will adopt a new way of working through the Digital Adoption Platforms. He further extrapolates organizational goals with futurist perceptiveness creating a practical guidebook that goes beyond the typical gospel of productivity and dynamism.

The writer’s tone is conversational as he pairs this with case studies that are accessible and pondering. He believes that if digital transformation is meant to improve our everyday lives, it needs to do two things. First, it must serve as a key strategic pillar supporting society. Second, it needs to make our digital world accessible to every stratum of society rather than merely a select few.

Overall, “The DAP Strategy: A New Way of Working to De-risk and Accelerate your Digital Transformation” by Raj Sundarason deserves 5 stars as it is an inspiring and eye-opening blueprint and a necessary read that should be a staple in every organization.

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