“Boulder Girl” by Cynthia L. Clark

Boulder Girl, Remember Me When the Moon Hangs Low

Cynthia L. Clark
Outskirts Press, Inc. (2020)
ISBN: 978-1977219206
Reviewed by Stephanie Elizabeth Long for Reader Views (08/2022)

Newly divorced Lana Ross is anxious to finalize her divorce from Lucas, move on, and put the passionless marriage behind her. The successful editor has a comfortable life with a beautiful home and supportive friends, and she is still young enough to find new love if she chooses. Enter Vincent “Roadking” Romano, a successful businessman who is chivalrous and has a charming smile that makes Lana weak in the knees. The sparks are flying; could this be the beginning of something special?

This giddy, lovesick feeling also brings with it a sense of aloofness and ignorance. Lana may have more than one admirer. But this admirer flies under the radar and has been tracking Lana’s moves without her knowledge, and their intentions are far from honest. They are obsessive and sinister, and if Lana doesn’t open her eyes, it could be the end of her.

“Boulder Girl, Remember Me When the Moon Hangs Low” by Cynthia L. Clark is a love story rife with twisty suspense that readers will find hard to put down. As a romantic at heart, I’d love to say that the stolen glances and lovesick text messages were my favorite part, but it was the heinous acts and villainous behavior of the antagonist that kept me intrigued. Every sinister move was premeditated and carefully measured, which resulted in the unfurling of spine-tinging moments that kept me shuddering and wondering what I would do if I were in the main character’s shoes.

Additionally, the author successfully curated the mood by the vividly describing the surroundings—touring Boulder, with its winding roads and mountains, the smell of a lovers intoxicating cologne, and the grating vernacular of an intolerable antagonist buttressed my reading experience. Moreover, I was easily transported to the idyllic town of Boulder, Colorado, nestled in a cozy pub, enjoying a pint while soaking in the majestic view of the rock formations. From beginning to end, reading was truly an immersive experience that captivated all my senses.

With all that being said, character development can be a real game-changer—too little can prevent the reader from connecting to the story, but then there’s that sweet spot with expertly crafted personalities that heighten the reading experience. I am happy to say this book was blessed with the latter. The author’s complex cast of characters was the proverbial icing on the cake. I especially enjoyed how the writing enabled the reader to be inside the villain’s psyche, reading his thoughts and inwardly cringing as he becomes obsessed and increasingly more unhinged as the story progresses.

For readers who want the excitement of new love, sprinkled with thrilling suspense, this book is for you. “Boulder Girl, Remember Me When the Moon Hangs Low” will reel you in with a cleverly penned plot rich in character development and setting.The bone-chilling scenes will have you on the edge of your seat, building in anticipation of the heart-pumping climax. This book has earned every one of its glorious five stars!

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