“We the Presidents” by Ronald Gruner

We the Presidents: How American Presidents Shaped the Last Century

Ronald Gruner
Libratum Press (2022)
ISBN: 9781737823100
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Readers Views (08/2022)

“We the Presidents: How American Presidents Shaped the Last Century,” by author Ronald Gruner, explores the fascinating line of the Presidents of the United States of America. The author goes into great detail, starting with Presidents Warren G. Harding all the way to Donald J. Trump, from the year 1921 to the present date; over 100 years of this country’s leadership!

“We The Presidents,” breaks down each administration, its adopted policies, and how those policies affected the country, whether positively or negatively. In addition, the book analyzes how this country came to be what it is now, both from a domestic standpoint and as a global power.

Economics, job creations, race relations, wars, taxes, and conceivably all of this country’s ills or gains are revealed with a “no holds barred” interpretation. The author also points out, through archived records, graphs and statistics, and factual footnotes, the changes this country has gone through since its existence as an experiment of what we call a democracy!

“We The Presidents,” is indeed an in-depth explanation of the office of the “Presidency.” Being a historian sleuth myself, I only knew the facts of a couple of the Presidents, mainly the most talked about ones. But having read this book throughout, let me say quickly what will stand out immediately; every President’s decisions are intertwined with the next. Either the incoming President rejected the former’s policies or embraced them.

The author brilliantly points out these types of examples: how President Warren G. Harding’s affair outside his marriage all the way to President Donald H. Trump’s claim of a stolen election does in fact “trickle” down directly or indirectly into our lives. The author is keenly aware that America’s choices at the election box are critical to the evolvement of this country’s prosperity, or lack of it! The small tidbits and idiosyncrasies of the elected Presidents are revealed as well; making one laugh as well as learn “how we got here” as a country.

“We The Presidents,” is detailed, but fun to read. It’s clear the amount of research involved in developing this tome. I must confess, my interest in reading this book in the beginning was, well let’s just say I was a little hesitant, because most historians only focus on a particular President failures or successes. But this author’s work is clearly non-bias, matter of fact, in your face facts! He simply reports the facts of how this country is what it is now through the various Presidents, their behaviors and integrity or lack thereof. Through it all, the United States remains the most blessed democracy in the world and I, for one, wouldn’t desire to live anywhere else. Readers will be enchanted with this book! 5 Stars easily!

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