“Life after Deaf” by Jill Green

Life after Deaf: A Voyage of Awakening

Jill Green
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN: 979-8501078956
Reviewed by Diana Coyle for Reader Views (08/2022)

In “Life After Deaf,” author Jill Green learns the wonderful news that she’s pregnant and is so excited she’s having a baby, only to find out that with her diagnosis of German Measles, the baby will more than likely be born with birth defects. Praying that’s not the case, she gives birth to a boy and everything seems fine at first. That is, until her son, Scooter, reaches a year-and-a-half and she becomes aware that unless he’s looking straight at someone, he’s totally oblivious to any loud sounds. Plus, she notices other developmental issues and deep down, she knows something isn’t right medically with her son. After extensive testing, they find out he’s profoundly deaf.

My very first reaction to when Ms. Green and her husband found out that Scooter was hearing impaired, I felt such deep remorse for them. German Measles forever changed the lives of her and her family. Now, considering it’s in the late 60s, medical testing and treatment options weren’t anything close to the medical advancements we have now. So right from the start, Ms. Green was at a complete deficit, with no fault of her own. Plus, my heart bled for them in how the doctors just seemed insensitive to her and her family’s needs.

I enjoyed the journey Green took her readers on from her pregnancy to Scooter growing up and felt as if I was another member of her family going through the trials and tribulations of Scooter’s development. I give the author kudos because she and her husband stopped at nothing to provide Scooter with the best options available to them at the time.

Another thing I loved about this story, besides seeing Scooter’s development, was we see a huge transformation for Ms. Green as well. Coming out of a failed marriage is debilitating to a person because you have to learn to be independent and make the best of a hard situation you are now living in. The author began a beautiful journey for herself of self-discovery and self-development. Not only finding new talents within herself, she even started a new life for her and her now two children in Costa Rica. In my opinion, that shows bravery and personal growth. I enjoyed going on her journey, even though not every situation was the easiest for her to deal with. To me, Ms. Green was the epitome of being a strong character and having an opened heart and mind for change—which is a good thing for us at times.

Overall, “Life After Deaf: A Voyage of Awakening” is an inspirational story of dedication and perseverance and strength. I really enjoyed the journey I went on with Ms. Green and I highly recommend this book to other readers!    

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