“A Saint for Any Season” by D.M. Langdon

A Saint For Any Season

D.M Langdon
Vivid Publishing (2020)
ISBN: 978-1922409232 
Reviewed by Ashley Hooker for Reader Views (08/2022)

D.M. Langdon is the author of seven books, all containing words of spiritual wisdom. She is a spiritualist medium and psychic who gets all her information from the spirit world. Her belief is that she is just a scribe and a vessel for sharing wisdom.

Her book “A Saint for Any Season” is centered around the life of a saint who shares what his faith has taught him. The reader follows in his footsteps and learns of his internal reflections on his life and belief in Christ. As the saint sits at his desk, he begins by sharing his thoughts about mankind. He tells us that our purpose in life is to put our faith in God. God has a plan for us and if we just follow that plan, we will be set free from the “tyranny of life.”

The saint goes on to speak about love and compassion. He says we can only thrive if we give love. It is revealed that the level of barbarity and cruelty in today’s world is high, but love can overcome all. Mankind has become self-indulgent, greedy, and lustful, but love can overcome even that. Our beloved saint tells us that love can only come from the forgiveness of mankind. He shares that it is not enough for us to have the knowledge of Scripture, we must practice it daily.

Langdon ends her story with the saint reminding us we have free will. We can choose our own destinies. But, when our destiny isn’t what we want to be, we must not blame others. More so than blaming others, we must not see our destiny as success or failure based on materialism, wealth, and power. The end of the saint’s instruction is the most powerful. We can have the knowledge, but it is worthless if we don’t share it.

“A Saint for Any Season” is a small book with a big message. I liked that the saint didn’t have a name. He was a person with a valid message. The saint was humble, but all the wisdom he shared was how he lived his life. He could see how the world was changing and his heart was broken. His message was from the only God that could save the world he lived in.

Our world today has parallels to his world. People are looking for instant gratification. They want wealth and power. The goal is to become prestigious. Langdon has shared with us a work that tells us our world was the same from the beginning to present day. She has given a clear answer to the only way we can turn things around. She states “The heart knows the answer, even if the head does not. The heart is willing, ever able, to heed the call of Christ.” For our world to change, we must heed the call of Christ.

I will admit that I was skeptical of “A Saint for Any Season.” When I read the author’s bio and the description of the book, I was not sure how the two worlds would mesh. My opinion is that Langdon has done an excellent job. I am a professing Christian, a pastor’s wife. When I was reading the saint’s words, I couldn’t help but feel the presence of God with me. This book affirmed my beliefs and my purpose on this earth. I am to live and love like Christ. Even though the trials will come, I must keep the faith. In her words, “Faith is the robe best worn daily, not just when the harsh, cold reality of life starts to bite.”

The words of wisdom are powerful in “A Saint for Any Season.” I would recommend this book to anyone looking for the way to make our world better for us and generations to come.

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