“Lift: Fostering the Leader in You Amid Revolutionary Global Change” by Faisal Hoque, Jeff Wuorio, and Shelley Moench-Kelly

Lift: Fostering the Leader in You Amid Revolutionary Global Change

Faisal Hoque, Jeff Wuorio, and Shelley Moench-Kelly
Fast Company Press (2022)
ISBN 9781639080120
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (8/2022)

“Lift: Fostering the Leader in You Amid Revolutionary Global Change” markets itself as a book for leadership amongst a backdrop of revolutionary global change. Despite its daunting promises, the author and all contributors have succinctly delivered a three-part read gracefully outlining the causes of global change, the opportunity these changes provide and where, as well as the transformational abilities they offer. 

Immediately, “Lift” opens with the four drivers of global change being addressed within: (1) the fourth industrial revolution, an interesting and believable eye opening introduction to the basis of change we find ourselves amidst, (2) the most obvious recent change, COVID-19, (3) climate change, a topic we’ve been hearing about forever, but it’s not being slowed or adequately addressed and continues to wreak havoc and drive the need for change, and lastly (4) misinformation, a topic that really took off mainstream during Trump’s time in office and the impact of it has opened the door to change and growth.

From here, the authors do a great job of identifying specifically where these changes leave the door open for opportunity, particularly as it pertains to the individual, the business, the education industry, the healthcare industry and within government. And, while some of the opportunity areas felt like “pie in the sky” dreams, especially as it pertains to the United States’ notoriously slow government, the authors provide examples of other country’s governments that have sought to address the areas of opportunity and how the U.S. can match in speed, growth, and technology, making the suggestions feel more realistic and motivating. 

Adding to the primary text within, the authors have included many stock photos that don’t necessarily fit the narrative but aid in breaking up the text and offering readers pause to consider the context and insights offered. Further, each chapter offers several grayed boxes of additional content and stories to help bring the concepts to life, adding a frequent and welcome supplement to the overall chapter’s perspective.

The final section was the smallest as it tied the entirety of the read together and most aligned with the book’s purpose and promise. While sections one and two built up the idea and need for transformative leadership and emotional intelligence, the third and final section wrapped it all in a neat bow for readers to understand and use within their toolkit as the leader within them approach the revolutionary global change in which we find ourselves.

Succinct, well researched, cohesively laid out, and a strong call to action, “Lift” brings readers purpose and tools to address the changes occurring globally which will impact us all for decades to come.

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