“Motherpuppin Adorable” by Kendra Clark

Motherpuppin Adorable: What to Do When Your Dog Is Better Than Everyone Else’s

Kendra Clark
Quartette Publishing (2021)
ISBN: 9781737414605
Reviewed by Haley Kilgour for Reader Views (09/2022)

Have you ever wanted to make your dog internet famous? Well then, “Motherpuppin Adorable: What to Do When Your Dog Is Better Than Everyone Else’s” is the book for you!

From how to start, to how to keep things going, and everything in between, honestly, this book is chock-full of useful information. And not just about how to make your dog Insta-famous. Large sections of this book are also good for people considering getting a dog and wondering what will go into being a dog owner, as well as those new dog parents wondering what to do now that they have a dog. From dog food, to community, to the best rides, there’s something useful for every dog mom or dad.

In relation to the “make your dog insta-famous” part of this book, it’s spot on. Be engaged in the online community as well as your real-life community. And each dog is different and will have different quirks and things they do well.

The humor of the book took a subject that had the potential to be very dry and made it fun. However, there were some instances where the humor was a little heavy handed and could’ve been better left to a different area.

I don’t usually find graphs and graphics in books to be overly helpful or intuitive in most books. This one is an exception. 90% of the graphics made sense and were easy to understand. And they helped to explain what the text was talking about.

I did find a few sections were possibly unnecessary like the sections about having your pet in your wedding, the dog show section, and the entertainment section. I feel most people looking to make their dog Insta-famous aren’t likely to bother with the latter two and not too many people (at least that I know) want pets at their wedding (but to each their own). I did laugh when a major part of the Adorable team was a housecleaner; I figure most people trying to get Insta-famous vicariously through their dogs aren’t going to be able to afford a house cleaner.

Overall, “Motherpuppin Adorable” is a great book for people looking to share their dog with the world and prove that, yes, their dog is the best.

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