“The Trial Show: The Resistance Rises” by Konstantina P.

The Trial Show: The Resistance Rises

Konstantina P.
Independently Published (2022)
ISBN 9781739688400
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (9/2022)

“The Trial Show” is the first book in the Resistance Rises series and certainly kicks the series off with a bang, leaving readers hungry for the next. In this series kickoff, we meet several characters through their unique points of view and slowly dip into the fractions that divide the central forces government from the resistance fighters. Fans of the Divergent series and The Hunger Games will enjoy as “The Trial Show” plays out in readers’ heads like a movie.

“The Trial Show” immediately catapulted readers into a world of the resistance and the government agency known as Central Forces. These two organizations are at odds with each other after some large warlike event has occurred, leaving death and heartbreak in its wake. While the cause of the split and the aftereffects are rather abruptly revealed as book one wraps, readers get short bursts and glances of life before, as they work through events.

Ava, Parker, Jay, and Trent are the main characters lending their perspectives to “The Trial Show.” Each point-of-view provides a new angle to the story and allows readers to quickly understand each character’s quirks, personality, and motivations for their actions. This unique character development, in which readers directly cycle through four of the main protagonists, creates a trust/distrust feeling toward each as they rationalize their perseverance for the cause. Readers quickly begin to take sides as each characters’ qualities and behaviors peel back through the unraveling of decisions and intel. 

Named “The Trial Show” presumably for the Judge Judy type show that is televised each time a citizen is accused of a crime, creating a viewer driven verdict, too little time is devoted to hashing out this naming convention as the focus throughout the book is more on the resistance and less on building the drama of the show. However, the waning and waxing of character relationships and motivations within, as presented through the four perspectives, keeps this read fast paced and entertaining. 

“The Trial Show” is well-written and seemingly ready for the big screen as the action, intrigue and love/hate for characters are all ripe for audiences to enjoy. And, after just one book, I am already ready to see what is next in store for the resistance!

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