“This Book Found You!” by Beronica Parnham

This Book Found You!

Beronica Parnham
Gatekeeper Press (2022)
ISBN: 9781662927089
Reviewed by Stephanie Elizabeth Long for Reader Views (09/2022)

Do you find yourself stuck in the humdrum of everyday life? Maybe you feel complacent or stagnant in your current situation; you have the desire to make changes but have no tangible method for doing so. If you find yourself nodding along to the above statements, you’ve come to the right place. Beronica Parnham, author of “This Book Found You,” has also been in that proverbial rut. She has created this book for readers, just like you, to unlock their spirituality, break the chain of self-limiting beliefs, and discover their full potential. Each chapter addresses different topics instrumental in the building of your ideal life. So, what are you waiting for?

As soon as I picked up this charming book, I felt a surge of hope. The majority of my life has been spent playing it safe and following the status quo, which, as you can imagine, can be both limiting and unfulfilling. It left me feeling out of touch with my authentic self and led me down a dark path of negativity. Needless to say, this book absolutely found me at the perfect time. Despite being short in length, the author didn’t skimp on the quality of information she shared; thus, I gleaned valuable tips and tricks about positive thinking, affirmations, my subconscious, and so much more.

The author delivers her writing in a non-judgmental way—never placing blame on the reader’s decisions thus far. Instead, she uses an uplifting narrative that encourages readers to look at their habits and self-limiting beliefs with curiosity. Why do I feel stuck? Could I operate at a higher vibrational frequency, and how do my past experiences subconsciously impact new ones? Some answers came quickly, but others required getting deeper and more granular with my thoughts. Further, the author provides instructions for implementing small changes; big, sweeping changes are often overwhelming and unnecessary, and too much too soon can hinder success. Progress can come from something as simple as reframing a thought or practicing gratitude, which will lead to a shift in mindset and ultimately success that is far-reaching in all facets of life.

“This Book Found You” is infused with positivity and quality advice on how to alter thoughts and re-route a current trajectory that is no longer serving you. The compassionate narrative and easy-to-implement instructions will empower sustainable change, help minimize negativity and attract the life of your dreams!

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