“A Collection of Tiny Stories” by CK Sobey

A Collection of Tiny Stories: Diminutive Tales from the Tip of My Imagination

CK Sobey
Inner Harvesting (2022)
ISBN 9781737506133
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (09/2022)

“A Collection of Tiny Stories” is aptly named and yet more than, as it wraps the readers into its orbit, and we are taken on a merry-go-round of various imaginings. Some stories are whimsical, while others feel real as can be, but all will leave you feeling something.

“A Collection of Tiny Stories” is made up of three distinctly separate parts. Each part contains a handful of small stories within. The first part, Inspiring Odysseys, is a mix of oddity and thought-provoking stories, such is the case with the story titled “The Babysitter.” The second part, From the Heart, is emotional and loving, causing the reader to see love, caring, and companionship in new ways. And the third, Fanciful, is exactly that, an eclectic mix of fantasy and other worldly richness that evokes creativity and reimagining.

While these are truly tiny stories, no more than one and a half or two pages long, each holds a new thought and new shred of imagination conjured up by author CK Sobey and shared with the reader. Sobey has done many exciting things in life, a self-proclaimed adventurer of cooking, trails and endeavors, her creativity sparks upon the pages as she honors daydreaming and the spontaneity of creativity.

Some seemingly innocent stories turn deep and thought provoking, others involve alien meteors smashing down and requesting to be taken to one’s leader, only to be led to the finder’s mother. And others yet ignite confidence and love in the form of husband-and-wife interactions, such is the case in the story titled “The Janitor.” Regardless of which tiny stories in this collection resonate with you, there is sure to be something for everyone as the author has crafted a well-rounded, wholesome and introspective three-part book of stories. Dotted with illustrations, no page is left without some sort of design.

As is the case with short stories, and is certainly the case with Sobey’s work, “A Collection of Tiny Stories” is one that can easily be set on a side table and referred to over and over again when one is in need of a creative spark, an entertaining and quick read, or an escape from the monotonous scrolling. 

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