“Ruth Ready” by Kitty Arceneaux

Ruth Ready

Kitty Arceneaux
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN: 9781075494741
Reviewed by Ashley Hooker for Reader Views (09/2022)

Kitty Arceneaux is a Christian writer who produced “Ruth Ready: While you’re waiting on your Boaz, you better be…” with the intention of building marriages with a godly foundation. In her book, she uses the biblical character of Ruth and her relationship to Boaz as an example to follow.

Her first chapter starts with an explanation of love. Arceneaux shares with the reader that love is a choice. It is not the warm fuzzy feeling we often associate with love. The author continues with an introduction to the story of Ruth and Boaz. She characterizes Boaz as protector, worthy, compassionate, watchful, and a man of honor. While she states what type of man Boaz is, she points out that no man is born with these characteristics and wives should also nurture these qualities in themselves. The duration of the book discusses what God designed marriage to be and how we can be our own worst enemy in relationships.

“Ruth Ready” is not what I would consider a traditional book, rather it is a small devotional with space for the reader to reflect on what they have learned. Arceneaux gives the reader a no-nonsense approach to marriage. She has shown us that it does not take many words to explain that God wants to be at the center of all our marriages. 

The author is well aware that women often have unrealistic expectations of relationships. We often don’t grasp that for our marriages to thrive, we can’t try to fix our spouses. We must look within ourselves first. With God at the center, our marriages can become stronger and stronger. They can add value to our lives and the lives of our spouses.

I appreciate the real-world examples the author shares about her marriage with the reader. My favorite line would be when she said she was not in love with her husband when they married. I can say the same thing. I believe I was more in love with the wedding and the frou-frou of the day. But, 17 years later, I can say that I am still falling in love with my husband.

Women who are married or single can benefit from “Ruth Ready: While you’re waiting on your Boaz, you better be…” by Kitty Arceneaux. Because of its length, it’s a great resource for starting your journey to having a God-centered marriage.

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