“Higher Connections” by Eric and Alexandra Right

Higher Connections: Humor and Inspiration from a Certified Public Pothead

Eric and Alexandra Right
OJDM, LLC (2022)
ISBN 9781647045968
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (09/2022)

Author Eric Right, not his real name for privacy reasons, is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). After years of stress, worry, and turning to alcohol, he decided to take up marijuana edibles in 2019. Since taking up this drug, he finds it melts off the stress, leads to a better night’s sleep, and doesn’t leave him with a hangover. However, more importantly, and as the basis of this book, he believes it has led him to better connections with his wife, children, family, and even the dog, thus the title “Higher Connections.”

Prior to 2019, when Eric began his journey with marijuana, his relationship with his wife Alexandra, also not her real name for privacy reasons, was on the rocks. Both Eric and Alexandra admit their marriage was likely headed for separation or divorce due to communication breakdowns, Eric’s inability to express his feelings, and other generally lacking connections. In 2019, Eric turned to a drug that is quickly becoming legalized across the United States: marijuana. Note, Eric is clear how responsible he is regarding the usage of this drug. For instance, he NEVER drives while under the influence, he only does it periodically, and sticks to edibles, among other rules he’s set out for himself. “Higher Connections” is Eric’s thoughts and experiences regarding marijuana.

“Higher Connections” begins as a book about marijuana, starting with Eric’s history with it, how he got started and why, to the overall history of marijuana including where it was likely first grown and used for, among other things. He then goes on to make the case that there are much worse things that we put into our body than marijuana, noting that unfortunately marijuana just happens to have developed negative connotations over the years and received more federal regulations than many of the other chemicals and products we decide to put into our bodies sometimes daily. However, these negative connotations are beginning to recede as states begin legalizing it, the criminalization of marijuana starts to dissipate, and the medical community continues to recognize the benefits of it for cancer symptoms and other ailments.

After spending time building up marijuana in general, Eric then dives right into what it has done to him and his ability to connect. He dedicates an entire chapter to these connections he’s experienced, recognizing that some may just seem like coincidences, like saying the exact same thing at the exact same time as his wife, while others are likely a direct result of the drug use, such as becoming more of an empath and opening up about his thoughts and feelings for the first time in his marriage. From there, things start to get a little weirder, again totally recognized by the author, as he begins to elaborate on his theory regarding the third eye in the human brain and its potential ability to open up and allow for deeper connections. Some of these ramblings are way out there, but the confidence and research of the author make the reader begin to almost believe them or write them off as totally thoughts only a pothead would have, but regardless it is an interesting and unique perspective.

“Higher Connections” is part humor, part one family’s story with marijuana, and parts trying to explain the sometimes unexplainable. Eric and Alexandra Right craft an entertaining read for potheads and non-potheads alike in this thoroughly developed and well-documented experiences of one pothead and the journey it’s taken both him and his brain.

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